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R&B, The Ladies & Putting Men on Blast

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Keyshia Coles Ft. Nicki Minaj- I Ain’t Thru  10Seconds by Jazmine Sullivan…Hot is the only word to describe this track…if you are a female you understand her anger and frustration…I know that I’ve been there, felt that and thought that! I hear you girl…this is the second single off of her new album “Love Me Back” it will hit the stores on the 30th of November.

Here is more from Jazmine Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles) …She has captured the universal feeling of all women who have been done wrong by their man…and ladies you know we’ve all been there one time or another! http://www.vevo.com/VideoPlayer/Embedded?videoId=USJRV1000031&playlist=false&autoplay=0&playerId=62FF0A5C-0D9E-4AC1-AF04-1D9E97EE3961&playerType=embedded&env=0</object

V.A.I.N Hot Rapper from NYC

This is a hot rapper from Queens New York by the name of V.A.I.N.  His rap is often hard  and gritty and definitely not G rated. He says when asked about perfecting his music ” I master my craft by listening to diverse records and pushing the envelope as an innovative writer. I feel I have mastered the lyrical balance of lethally fierce word play, witty social commentary, and poetic story telling.”†As he recollects, “eventually, I got nice and my first record touched radio in 2005.† It was a joint called, ‘Toss Da Paper’.”
When you ask this young intelligent man about his music and his educational background, (V.A.I.N. is a college graduate), he says “I believe I come from an educated yet street point of view, where I’m giving people insight into life. What I desire to accomplish through my music is to educate, inspire as well as entertain. I think I write from the heart first and then the mind. There is nothing in the entire world quite like performing and I simply can’t get enough of the euphoric musical high! Music is an audio vibration of a person’s soul. ”
V.A.I.N comes from a musical background, his mother is a beautiful singer he states and his father was a drummer in a band. When asked he say’s he recalls seeing and listening to his mother and father during their band rehearsal and being bitten with the love of music then.
He has opened for Hip-Hop artists including DMX, Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Corrupt and the Clips. He has worked with some of Hip-Hop’s most sought after producers including Teflon, P.F. Cuttin, Terrence Dudley, Jelly Roll and Fingers. To date, he has 2,000 commercial radio spins including the recent track “Good Lovin” by Slim featuring Fabolous and Ryan Leslie. V.A.I.N. has just released his new single “Showin Off”

I am hoping for big things for this intelligent young man, and I support him in his endeavors, as a community that is something we should do more of.