Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.


Black women face numerous challenges in U.S. society that cause distress and have been linked to mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and body image issues. Beyond the universal stressors of everyday functioning, distress caused by insidious social forces such as racism, sexism, and economic injustice make the preservation of mental health a difficult if not impossible task for many Black women. Despite this grim reality, there are several areas in which Black women demonstrate positive mental health outcomes in comparison to women of other races or ethnic groups. Why do we rarely hear about the positive mental health outcomes of Black women in the United States?

A recent poll by the Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation (2011), which included interviews with more than 800 Black women, resulted in a complex portrait of Black women’s lived experiences. Nearly three quarters of participants in the study worried about having enough money…

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