Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

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The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.








The primary reason I do this blog is to spread factual truth about President Barack Hussein Obama, and I reblog post that speak to this mission I have undertaken. The reason I am alive right now is to get Barack Hussein Obama a second term. I will be successful.



Reblogged from The PCTC Blog:


Let’s talk about President Obama

If you’re one of those people who thinks President Obama is a “disappointment,” condolences for not getting your unicorn. And it’s time to grow up, get over it. We have four months to go before an election that will feature more political ads than you have ever seen before in your life. We’re not just having to beat Willard Romney; we also have to beat Citizens United. There will be TWO choices for president…

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