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I think these steps are amazing!!! If you think so as well write a paragaph or two telling a tale about these steps. The people who past across them or those who labored on them even the time they were built… Imagination imagination…Lets see where these steps take us.

So here is my tale: By V. Lyn

Melissa stretched, arching her back and looked at the alarm clock beside her bed 5:35am. The alarm would not go off for another 55minutes. She had been up for the last 3 hours and was exhausted still she had been unable to sleep. Melissa forced herself out of the comfort of the bed swinging her long brown legs over the side, wild kinky hair swept the middle of her back, languidly she reached for the ceiling. She didn’t want to get up, to get out, to do anything other than traipse around her new apartment in Italy. Italy…her…Italy can you fuckin’ believe it…she had never thought she’d be in Italy, anywhere other than the Bronx for that matter, then Conneticut with that abusive asshole of a husband who had kept her a virtual prisoner for the last 5 years. Still here she was 29, smart, beautiful, healthy, and amazing…but mainly free. Free from that pathetic, mean man that had made her cower. He had made her lose hope, worse made her feel like she was merely meant to be a possession. Nothing more. She had lost herself. But then she had found herself again, and she shivered with the thrill of being ALIVE.

Melissa peered out the window and rubbed her arms vigorously, the air drifting in from the open window was chilly, and she stepped back hastily towards the security and warmth of her bed. For a brief moment she had felt scared, scared like she had been when her husbands fist had slammed into her body causing her to double over, scared like when he had grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear that she “BELONGED”…emphasis on belonged “to him”. “Stop it, stop it” she told herself sternly. Today would be beautiful day. Today she started her new position with the Embassy. Today was the just the beginning.

Melissa inhaled deeply of the sweet scent of lavender that drifted through the open window and got dressed black sheath dress, black flats and black bag. She smiled at her reflection, she liked what she saw staring back at her, a confident woman peering back at her. Nothing at all like the woman who had left everyone and everything behind in the states. Including trouble.

Melissa dashed out of the apartment.” Ciao!” she shouted as she raced by her elderly neighbor who stooped to bring in the milk left at her door. The neighbor looked at her as though she had seen a ghost. That look of shock, fear on the old womans face had almost made Melissa giggle out loud. “Shit.” she said as she glanced at her watch, 7:15, where the hell had the time gone. She had thought to stroll leisurely to work grab a cup of coffee, maybe a pastry, now she needed to hustle. “Can’t be late on my first day” she told herself. Melissa raced forward, the cobble stone streets irregular and slick with the morning dew swallowed the sound of her haste. Businesses were just beginning to open and the aroma of coffee danced enticingly about her. There, she thought relieved, down those steps around the corner and two more blocks and she would be at work. Not as early as she wanted to be but not late.

“Ciao a tutti!” she tossed back to a group of shop keepers as she took her first step on those magnificent ancient steps that had so many fantastical tales to tell “Ciao” they responded just as her foot hit that first slick step. Just as her large beautiful smile transformed into surprise, just as her face contorted into a frown then fear, an expression reminicient to when her husbands fist had reigned down upon her. “Oh” she creied out in surprise as she tried to regain her footing, arms cartwheeling behind her, and then “Oh” again and she had little opportunity to say much more…but she she did glimpse the beauty of the bluest sky she had ever hoped to see, had enough time to catch a wift of lavender and the rich robust scent of coffee, hear the sound of men yell a warning as they raced towards her. “Free” Melissa thought “free.” Melissas’ head made a sickening smack on those cobble stones steps and she held tight to that last thought as the last breath of life winked out of her.


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