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Since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”), Republicant’s Republicans and Tea-Baggers Partiers alike have all been scrambling to come up with logical-sounding lies reasons as to why this new act is the most horrid thing to happen to our country. Since several of the SCOTUS judges are pretty much informally known to have been bought by certain people and companies (cough cough Koch Brothers cough cough), I am pretty sure that the GOP was confident that the Supreme Court would render an unconstitutional verdict, thus repealing one of the biggest, and most welcome, changes in health care that we have had in decades. Is the AHCA perfect? I am positive it is not. But it is a start. What we have been doing is not working, so it’s time to change. And the AHCA is modeled after one of the most successful health care…

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