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The Presidents Comments on Immigration

I am so proud that this man, this Black man who is astute, insightful, compassionate, wise and whose only agenda is to help rise up the America people and ALL people around the world, unlike the repubs, is our President. Four more years of Barack Obama as our Potus, Nancy Polosi as Majority Leader, and the Dems Back in Majority is what this country needs… he is right it IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO….

Notice the continued disrespect the President of the United States has received unlike ANY OTHER PRESIDENT has ever endured…by a pissant wanna be reporter who has an agenda to propagate..and for those who would say I have an agenda well yes I do and that is to see this man be re elected, but then I am not a reporter…and from appearances neither is this man who wants to wear the label of reporter!


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