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Phenomenal…I tried to implement an after school/ day care center with some of our local industries such as Intel, Los Alamos Labs, sandia etc where people would donate an hour once or twice a week from a variety of STEM fields. Hopefully we wcould capture the minds and imagination of young minority children who would never get the opportunity and exposure. Unfortunately not to many people were interested…. Add your thoughts here… (optional)

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.






Breanna Collins was one of 14 girls who built a video game at the Black Girls Code session last fall.



“Black Girls Code” Brings More Women of Color to Silicon Valley


By Kiratiana Freelon (Contributor, Loop 21)


If black girls can rock and black girls can travel then they can surely code, right? The statistics show otherwise. Women of color represent less than 3% of the people in technology fields.


But if it’s up to Kimberly Bryant, pretty soon tons of black (and brown) girls will be coding, which is the art of creating computer programs. She is the founder of Black Girls Code, a Bay Area organization whose mission is to increase the young women of color in the field of digital and computer technology.


Since launching in October, Black Girls Code is now…

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