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The Color of Family…Vibes by: V.Lyn

I have found myself blessed…despite any life adversities that I may have experienced those of my own creations and those brought about by life’s happenstance there has been one constant for me the family blessings I have derived and benefitted from throughout my years. They have touched my soul and awakened my spirit and have shown my the joy of living as well as reminded me of my humanity. They have been both my anchor and what has given me buoyancy. Through them all …I have been given my strength and taught that sometimes it is okay to be soft. They have shown me in their manners that tenderness is not a weakness and not to be feared…bending like the branches in a tree keeps you from breaking… My family is larger than me and that fact has made me enormous…I am infinite with these people … and through them we create a legacy that will continue long after we have gone. They are my family but more importantly they… they are the  Purest of Friends.

Dedicated To My Family

A pure friend is one who shares in the experiences that gave you your novella, reminds you of the subtle nuances that flavor every tale, encourages you to invest in your characters, supplies you with the parchment that your story is written on and proof reads with a judicious eye, keeping you true… A pure friend understands that your story is your own an one which is flavored with the journeys and tales of all you have touched and who have touched you, a pure friend is your most ferocious advocate in your right to retell your tale in only the way you can… and honest enough to remind you that you are not the only one who has a story to tell… A pure friend reminds you to focus on the joy of the journey and not just the hurdles and reminds you that how the protagonist arrives is as important as where… A pure friend compels you to seek internally for loftier goals and then prods you forward to DO better and BE better…

Thank you my family for all the ways you are and have been the purest of friends …

Hi my name is Trenton, my Bebe (that’s Swahili for grandmother) is African American and so am I but I am also White and I will be proud of both!

One biological family!

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