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Thank You to All Those Who Have Served


Marine Corp

Amazing Grace (Bagpipes)

The cost of war is insurmountable. The love that our soldiers feel for their country, family and comrades in arm is what compels them to enlist and re-enlist during wartime.
So while we BBQ, go to the beach and the lake, let us not forget the sacrifice that these men and women around the world make for us. Let us not forget the price the parents, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters and children pay for our security. When we laugh today try and reflect on the real meaning of this day and the high price those returning soldiers have paid and extend a hand, give a moment of thanks and say of a pray of gratitude that you can share this day with your loved one while so many are in distant lands fighting for you and me…and reflect on the fact that many come home with both visible and invisible scars struggling to adapt. And remember those who will never return home to the embrace of their loved ones lost for ever in a distant land.


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