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From Care2Cause Brazilian Tribe on The Brink of Extinction

Brazilian Tribe On Brink of Extinction

Brazilian Tribe On Brink of Extinction

A Brazilian government agency says that it has as its top priority saving the  Amazon Awá tribe — as Survival International says that a new government survey  finds them outnumbered ten-to-one by invaders.

The survey estimates that there could be up to 4,500 ranchers, loggers and  settlers now occupying just one of the four territories inhabited by the Awá,  whose total population now stands at no more than 450, many living uncontacted  in the remaining forest, many of them survivors of brutal massacres. Hired guns  are known to have been paid $60 per Awá head by unscrupulous landowners and  speculators in the past.

They live in the North East of Brazil, in the Maranhao State, at the heart of  the Tiracambu sierra.

The government has been receiving tens of thousands of messages following a  campaign launched last month by the actor Colin Firth — you can take action here.

The tribe’s land is being destroyed faster than that of any other Amazon  tribe. As the rainy season ends, one of their main hunting areas is now being  targeted by loggers. An Awá man named Armadillo told Survival International: “How will we live without the forest?”

The government agency for indigenous people (FUNAI) says that saving the Awá  is its top priority but Brazilian Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo has yet  to meet the campaign’s demand to send in federal police to clear out the  invaders.

Said Survival International Director Stephen Corry:

Brazil is one of the world’s most important  countries with one of its most dynamic economies, and it certainly has the  resources to protect Awa land. Can it deliver?

If not, and the Awá are destroyed, then is this  new ‘economic miracle’ just for the rich and powerful?

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/brazilian-tribe-on-brink-of-extinction.html#ixzz1wAv2uAYV

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