Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

The Making of A History by V. Lyn

Today history again was made in what is already an historic presidency. Today the President of the United States with great eloquence, and understanding finally told the American people what we had already suspected, and that is that his wisdom is matched by his compassion, that his compassion is equalled by his conviction.

At 53 I had not dared entertain the idea that a Black man would ever become President. I understood the history of this country and not the revisionist version perpetuated by the Republicans. I knew of the cruel institution of slavery, of people ripped from their country and sold shackles in America as no more than chattel, a commodity, children torn from their mothers and fathers arms, inspected and sold at market along side cows, pigs, horses, items of clothing and a silver tea set. I knew the history of white master taking pubescent slave girls and slave women for sexual release, of  strong black male slaves at masters order used to breed and produce children like any animal put out to stud in order for these children who were born into slavery to further enhance masters profitability. I knew of the black codes, Jim crow, segregation, and the continued and further oppression and subjugation of blacks in America. I know of the civil rights movements that spread across the country that we African Americans helped build, fought and sacrified limb and lives for in every war fought by this country despite not being considered worthy of the rights afforded to every other American.  I knew whites, Latinos, jews, men, women,  homosexuals, people of every ilk and class matched across this nation side by side for the rights of black equality, for the equality of all men and women at great risk to themselves. I knew of tired black mothers and fathers who worked several jobs often domestic jobs while continuing the fight for the future of their children, fighting to be treated truly equally and fighting for their children to be treated so. I knew of all these things and many first hand. And I knew of a sight as amazing as any sight I had ever hoped to see, an intelligent charismatic black man in 2008 became President of these never before United States. Because for that moment we were united as was the world.  And like a few moments in history this event had caused the worlds collective eyes to be riveted on a moment. History was made and I breathed deeply with PRIDE…in AWE… with ADMIRATION.

Today May 9th 2012  was such a moment. This like previous historic moments has for ever changed the conversation world wide. The POTUS in a few short words took a stand for civil rights. His was a comment, while cloaked in his personal belief that same sex couples should have the right to marry was so much more, it was a comment on the civil rights of all people, the EQUALITY of people,. His simple yet profound statement was the soulful prelude to a cry taken up over 50 years ago. Blacks around the world of all people, because of our experience and continued experience of oppression and our continuous fight for true parity and  equality, should not be so hypocritical to want to deny what is a fundamental right to another group. The President of the United States reminded us of that fact, how can you hate, how can you deny the most fundamental of rights to people who you sit across from those you would call your neighbor, friend and family.

While I would NEVER equate same sex marriage to the slavery and oppression, lynching and whippings that Blacks endured on not only this continent one of the harbingers of death for slavery was when whites began to see their likeness in the faces of their slaves. When they saw these children out in the field their skin dusky or dark, cafe au lait their hair curly and blond or straight and black they said “We are them.”

Ever day this President gives me reason to be proud that I voted for him, and today the President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama did it once again.


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