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Feeding Americas Tough Choice Challenge

Feeding America
Dear Human Race


Heat or EatWhat if you had to choose between heating your home or paying for food?

This is an impossible decision.      And yet in these cold winter months, millions of people continue to face tough choices like this every day.

What would you choose? Take our Tough Choices Challenge — for every question you answer, thanks to a matching challenge grant from Snickers®, you’ll help unlock one meal for people facing hunger.

Right now, 1 in 8 people rely on Feeding America’s network for food assistance. If they buy groceries, they may not be able to pay their rent. If they pay their rent, they may not be able to afford lifesaving medications. If they purchase those medications, their children or grandchildren may not know where their next meal will come from.

You can help. Take the Tough Choices Challenge today and help provide one meal for a person in need. When you are done, take a moment to share  the Tough Choices Challenge on Facebook, Twitter or email your family and friends.

Thank you for all that you do in the fight against hunger!

Vicki Escarra President & CEO Feeding America


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