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A Little Tour in Yellow

Nothing here really but a quick post about a photograph that really has overwhelmed me.  It is a photograph of Italian soldiers killed during World War I.  It isn’t a particularly impressive photo, if you’re looking for qualities of composition objectively; but the in a subjective manner, the photo is tragic.

What strikes me most is how plainly the photograph captures life interrupted and ended.  Unfortunately we are all too familiar with photos of dead soldiers, but in this picture we see strewn in the mud along side lifeless bodies simple things like a note paper, blankets, and a guitar.

It is the guitar that gets me.  In fact, to my eye, it is the most prominent feature in the photograph.  You can’t miss it.  And that guitar creates a narrative for the picture that I find pitifully sad.

Imagine this group of young men camped in the hills near

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