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How Ya Livin’ Part Two by V. Lyn

Here are some other questions I ask myself on a less frequent basis then Part One of How Ya Livin’, but I ask them none the less. Perhaps you ask questions of yourself and if so please feel free to add to the list.

1)      How many amazing things are left in the world and in the universe to be discovered?

2)      How many unknown tribe, amazing finds and people with a wealth of forgotten knowledge still exist in obscure parts of our world still live today?

3)      What lurks and lives in the darkness of the vast oceans, in the bowels of cavernous caves and depth of our great rivers?

4)      What animals that we believed extinct or never knew existed exist today?

5)      Do unicorns exist, did they ever or were they always just myths, what about hobbits, why are people so skeptical about the possibility of their existence… (which could be explained by evolutionary necessities)…while these same people believe in a God that is purely faith based?

6)      What did the ancient Atlantians, Egyptians, Aztec, Peruvians, Native Americans,  Incas and Africans know that we do not  (with pyramids perfectly aligned with the constellations of the solar system, Dresden calendar etc.)?

7)      What really happened to the bird that fell from the sky around the world last year? Why did we have mass fish death around the world in the same time period?

8)      What and when will they rectify all the physic theories with the elusive theory of M?

9)      How many children in poor communities around the world had they been given the education, healthcare, been able to just survive would have the answer to many of the world’s questions or problems?

10)   How can there be so many monsters that walk the earth but no angels?

11)   Why lies out beyond our universe?

12)   Could you channel the energy of black hole to move from one local to another?

13)   How many people know that there are small black holes on earth/

14)   What happened to the military planes that disappeared during WWII over the Bermuda Triangle?

15)   How many amazing things are left in the world and in the universe to be discovered and why couldn’t I be a part of the discovery?


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