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Alive by Valerie Lyn

I am alive and it is wonderous.

I feel my heart beat strong within my chest, its thrum echos in my ear. My blood courses threw me as my sinewy muscles move strong and sure. I am alive and it is

wonderous. My sisters at either side feel the same, it is evident in the way their tongues loll to the side and in the rapturous way their heads turn side to side, taking in all

around us even as we race through the great trees, leaping over fallen limbs and roots that bind us to the mother. We have roamed these woods since my first

memory was formed. My sisters and I, inseparable, even in the moments that I have been alone.

This is our territory.

We are the apex predators. Still we share it with the other creatures sprung from the loins of the mother, intuitively we know that our existence is as predicated on

them as anything we do, besides what a terrible place it would be if we were truly alone.

We are alive. Free! From my side I hear my sisters near imperceptible breath in this manner I am given confirmation that what we share is on a level so deep and profound that I can not deem to ever

truly explain it. The affirmation comes as it escapes their massive lungs. Heads lowed we zip through the woods, paws barely touching the

earth, skimming the earth of all she has to offer. But we are ever aware, she is after all the true mother of us all.

We race forward, the trees rattle their branches in acknowledgement of our presence. Their leaves crackle overhead as though rejoicing at our ability to uproot

and journey forth. Spiralling in the bluest of sky’s a dark gash slices air as does another as two hawks fly in a delicate ballet. They dance, soaring ever so high above.

They cavort as we do to certify that we are alive! Free! All around us we are reminded of life through the birth and death that inhabit all of our lives.

Still we move forward with keen abandonment for today we are alive. Free! And in the living it is wonderous!


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