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How Ya Livin’ by V. Lyn



These are a few of the questions I ask myself some on a daily bases and others obviously a lot less frequently. Still I think these are a few of the more introspective questions I ask myself and perhaps some of you do as well.

1)      What is your passion?

2)      What is your fear?

3)      Are you ruled by your passion or by your fears?

4)      What is life’s great motivator; is it love or fear?

5)      Are you living fully and completely? As though every moment is precious, or do you live it miserly as though every moment is precious?

6)      Do you live life with purpose and conduct your days with spontaneity?

7)      Do you begrudge others for what they have; are you envious, jealous and small? Or do you rejoice at their success and take the time to define success for yourself?

8)      Do you see each day as an opportunity to learn and do you realize everyone, even a child has a small part of the universes infinite knowledge to share?

9)      Do you puff your chest ready to impart your “wisdom” because you genuinely feel like you have something valuable and valid to contribute or because the imparting of your knowledge makes you feel less small?

10)  Do you find the occasion to stand ever so still in the wind? To listen to the melody of the earth?

11)  Who is the person you long to be and do you strive each and every moment of every day to bring yourself closer to that ideal of self?

12)  Are you defined by others expectations, whatever those maybe, whether it is as a husband, wife, lover, friend, mother, father, grandmother, twenties, thirties or a person approaching their twilight; or do you define yourself?

13)  Do you like yourself, and if not what are you doing to be that person?

14)  What is the legacy you want to create?

15)  Do you strive to live each day forward honorably? Do you take responsibility for the ills you have created in your own and others’ lives, and live your live justly as a small token of amends?

16)  If you lie to others are you at least honest to yourself?

17)  Do you see life as a journey? And do you know that the manner in which you travel it is as important if not more so than where you arrive?

18)  Do you see wonder in a child’s eye and wonder where you lost yours?

19)  Do you live life as though you deserve or live life trying to be worthy?

20)  Are you ruled by your passions or governed by your fears?


2 responses

  1. V., BRAVA, for the witty comment you just left me on my “Goldfart” piece. thank you (there is no “reply” thingee for it which is why i am thanking you here.) the above questions are VERY insightful…and the answers to same even more so. well done. continue…

    January 20, 2012 at 1:16 am

    • No problem I am glad you like it. And if you ever want to add to them I would be honored.As for my response on your blog well as you should already know I love your blog it is always on point and never ceases to make me laugh and make me think.

      January 20, 2012 at 4:13 am

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