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Newt Gingrich and the New Republican Party by V. Lyn

There is something evil about what Newt Gingrich said recently about poor children, poor people in general, and something equally evil about the response of conservatives who have gotten behind him and his racist and classist attitudes concerning the poor.

“Really poor children, in really poor neighborhoods, have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works, so they have no habit of showing up on Monday. They have no habit of staying all day; they have no habit of “I do this and you give me cash,” unless it is illegal.”

Conservatives both the young and old, the good ol’ boys those who  are either educated or illiterate, disaffected and hungering for bygone times, heads bobbing in agreement with his views “atta boyed” him. I can just imagine who the vast majority of these conservative Christian republicans  picture as the poor and shiftless, us blacks and Latinos who are of course just sitting around just drinking our forty’s, and having an endless brood of children, that is when we ain’t selling drugs or committing other crimes. These conservatives that he is pandering too most likely never knew or have conveniently forgotten the fact that most poor people in America are white. (By the way did you know a newt is an amphibian a slimier version of the Efts.  It is recommended that people who cozy up to the Newts need to be careful as they often carry a toxin on them as well as bacteria due to the company that they keep. Do you think mother Gingrich knew something about her soon to emerge son while he swam about in her birth canal feeding off of her like a parasite… Just wondering! ) The Newt the one running for President has espoused principles befitting Machiavelli. He has espoused doing away with child labor laws that were instituted to PROTECT the most fragile and vulnerable people within our society- Our Children.

Through much of the history of America, child labor and the practice of indenturing our children existed.  This practice was an evil of necessity for many hard working and toiling families who could barely survive on their meager earnings.  There was a period of time in America when children as young as seven worked in our mines, on the railroad, as peddlers, bootblacks and in a variety of sweat shops by the side of adults. As America became more industrialized corporations needed bodies to work. They desired a manageable and cheap workforce who would not strike, who they could pay even less to then to their adult counterparts, and who in essence would be drones. Once these children had reached adulthood they would be conditioned to accept certain inferior conditions, grateful for “having a job” and would not make waves, after all it’s the way it has always been and if they didn’t do the job another man or women would do it and maybe even a child.( Does it sound familiar?) .

These children worked grueling hours; they often were required to work a 12 hour day to help their families supplement their own meager wages in order for them to maintain a roof over their heads, food on the table, clothes on their back… With the end of black slavery more and more young who could be exploited by wealthier Americans and Industries were required, because children were paid even LESS then the miniscule salaries of their adult counterparts. Children could be found working in virtually every area of industry. They were used in the mines since children could wiggle their way in to tight tunnels, and they worked as chimneysweepers alongside adults.  Children by the thousands in America died of job related illnesses, factory fires and injuries due to handling hazardous materials, like those that janitors often come in contact. Bleaches, ammonias and other caustic materials, as well as equipment malfunctions etc. caused horrific disfigurements and loss of life for children as well as adults, and corporations could walk away and hire another set of tiny tots. The children of the poor with the same self-serving reasoning that Newt Gingrich has espoused to the support of those sanctimoniously head bobbing republicans…”we are giving these children and their family additional wages, and a lesson in good, hard work.”

The Unions exerted their power and mobilizations against the exploitation and dangerous conditions children faced.  The argument that those in favor of child labor proved false the truth was that children who worked out of necessity were often too tired to attend school and often dropped out relegating themselves to a life of poverty and possibly crime. The union’s demonstrated their power  with their stance on child labor and workmen’s compensation. Children were dying, poor children, their children. The National Child Labor Committee’s worked to end child labor and was combined with efforts to provide free, compulsory education for all children, and ulytimately culminated in the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938, which set federal standards for child labor.

The diminishing of Unions and the current Union busting attempts seen in Wisconsin and in Ohio as well as numerous other states over the last 60 odd years was a way for corporations and their Republican Politicians who they have in their pockets was always a planned step in this direction.   It has not only left adult employees vulnerable but our children also.

However there is something to say about the strategies utilized by the Republican Party they have an uncanny ability to twist reality to suit their agenda, away of rewriting history.  They remind me of that person  who yaks yaks yaks talking crap about everyone until you call them on it and she says in all innocence “ Not me, you missed understood me I didn’t mean it THAT WAY!” But you know she meant it just the way you understood it.  And you know them for exactly what they are a mean spirited coward, who are adept at back peddling and covering their ass. These conservative people in one breathe speak about how Christian they are and without batting an eye they enact policies that are morally bereft.  In the same breathe they shout from the rafters lies and innuendos, they blame others for the very deeds they perpetrate and in the most sanctimonious of breathe they falsely indict others for the very act that they are committing. Case in point when they say that president Obama and the 99ers are engaging in class warfare when it is the Republican Party through the policies that they have pushed for, that had long ago started the war against the 99percent that we now find ourselves in.

There is something corrupt and insidiously evil about this new Republican Party. It has become a party full of nasty ignorant small minded fearful people.  Yet there is something worse about many of these individuals who support this party, who were once about being fiscally responsible, and only use that ideaology as a cloak to implements policies that only benefit those who are the wealthiest in our society. With all the speeches about patriotism and love of this county the reality is this is a party that does not love this country, they do not care for it’s citizens. This is a party that sees this country as belonging to them and did not like the fact that a nigga got elected to the White House, and they are willing to see this nation destroyed, toshow, to prove to the nation that never again should a Black man be elected to the highest office in this country not because he isn’t a good President but because America belongs to them and theirs.  This new Republican Party is seemingly comprised mostly of those who wish for a bygone age when slavery existed and blacks were consider 1/5 human or at best when blacks were viewed as second class citizens and segregation existed.  It is evident in their words, and deeds, in their fillabuster of critical appointees, in the refusal to pass bills that were critical to stabilize the economy, their hate was evident in the signs they carried when Obama was a candidate, in the emails that were sent and laughed at and which defended by their television and radio gods and justified by their political leaders, their cruelty is evident in the policies that they put forth, in the racial stereotypes that they perpetuate.  In the fallacy of their arguments as when Newt said that poor people have no one to emulate, no one who works with in their communities, when most poor people that I grew up around worked several jobs in order to give their children and their selves a better life. Where poor children watched their parents struggle and hold down jobs so that they could attend college or trade school, who did like their white counterpart struggle to do the best by those they love in order to keep them fed, sheltered and safe.

There is an arrogance that is self-serving about this isolationist party. Newt Gingrich is the perfect figure to head this new Republican Party but he is not the perfect person to head this nation.


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