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The Legacy of Joe Paterno by V. Lyn

The students of Penn State who are chanting in support of Paterno, The University personnel who assisted in the cover up of Sandusky’s deviant actions, and Paterno should all be ashamed of theirselves because in their silence and or support they are all sending a message to those predators that are out there that our children do not matter.

The damaged done to those children whose ages run from EIGHT YEARS OLD to THIRTEEN is incalculable. They lost their innocence and TRUST for those people who were supposed to help them and ultimately to keep them safe and it was replaced with guilt, fear and low self esteem and they will suffer lasting and on going ramifications for a violent act perpetrated against them that they were helpless to stop. Paterno who KNEW what had happened on at least ONE occasion and on possibly others is disgusting and unforgivable. And his loss is He, in his action simply allowed a PEDOPHILE to continue in his position for the sole purpose of winning championships. He traded his reputation and any respect he had or believed he deserved, for the evil of a predator who preyed on the innocence and the souls of CHILDREN. Paterno and the other individuals at the university are no BETTER than Sandusky because in their silence they became participants in the harm this Pedophile inflicted on his victims. Let’s make no mistake these children were ASSAULTED- RAPED. Sandusky preyed upon the most vulnerable in our society, our children, he preyed upon the most needy and because of this need of theirs potentially the most vulnerable, underprivileged children. He scarred them irreparably and Paterno and the University in their silence said that those children were throw aways and did not matter.

Where is the outrage for the children. Paterno resignation was self serving he speech was a woe is me speech. He is not honorable, he is not worthy of respect. A man’s worth is based on the manner that he treats other, how he travels through life in lifes journey. How he faces the difficult decisions, not how many games he has won. If Jeffrey Dahmer was the winningest coach would the students still support him as well. And the murder of a child spirit is what Paterno allowed Sandusky to do.

Those students who are crying out their support of Paterno should reassess who they are supporting because this is not the man they believed they knew. This man that called himself Paterno wore a mask, h walked with them, patted them on the back, smiled at them, ate dinner with them all the while knowing that a CHILD was in a bathroom being sodomized by a man he still ate dinner with. The man they think they knew ceased to exist 15-19 years ago when he decided that WINNING and HIS REPUTATION and that of the UNIVERSITIES was more valuable than the trust and innocence of a child.

Joe Paterno wanted to protect his reputation at the expense of a children, secure his legacy in the sports world, well he may go down as the winningest coach in history however his legacy as a man has been as irreparably damaged as those children he stood idly by as they were abused.

To read the full Indictment of Sandusky http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/uploadedFiles/Press/Sandusky-Grand-Jury-Presentment.pdf


4 responses

  1. Celebrity status for any profession does not exempt anyone from decency and morality. If there is such a place as hell, everyone has to decide if their blind eye to evil and depravity against children gives them a free pass to heaven or a invitation to hell.

    November 11, 2011 at 12:51 am

    • I agree with you completely, and if an invitation is forthcoming for Joe Paterno, with this one act I am sure it request his attendance in hell.

      November 11, 2011 at 1:28 am

  2. I read the entire indictment earlier… OMG. After completing it,I dozed off for a short nap and had nightmares about what he did. For so many people to sweep this under the rug for so long. As we all know, these are not sexual acts, but acts of violence. And I have to wonder about Sandusky’s wife… did she not suspect anything? His behavior, even without directly witnessing inappropriate contact, seems too strange. No one wants to admit a friend, family member or spouse is capable of such horrific acts, but denial is no excuse. These children… his victims… I hope this is providing them all with some sort of release, but this will always haunt them until the day they die.

    November 11, 2011 at 2:27 am

    • I know I read it earlier and it is horrifying what these children had to endure. Sandusky is a predator and as you stated the acts that he commmitted against these children while sexual in nature were in truth life altering acts of violence. I also wonder about the wives in all their lives and the people who continue to support them, reasoning away their responsibility in these acts. Sandusky is a monster who probably has many many more victims then those who have come forward. Predators, pedophiles typically start manifesting and acting out early in life and Sandusky has had many years to perfect his craft. Understanding how to manipulate his victims, how to gain their trust initially and then their silence after the violation, through fear, coersion and even rejection.
      But the fact that people decided to turn their heads away for self gain or some warped idea of friendship makes them equally as guilty in the act. Years ago in the 90’s in Las Vegas NV a young African American girl of 7years old while in the girls bathroom was followed in by a young man attending college. He raped her and when his friend followed them in he saw what this man was doing to this little girl and he turned his back on her and went back to playing the slot machines. His friend killed that girl in the bathroom and they continued to play the slots that night and party until dawn.
      The man who committed the actual rape and murder went to jail and his friend who never said a word except in defense of his friend saying in essence that the girl ruined his friends life received no jail time and has gone on to live a good life working at a good position at a government agency in Texas. The message that day was that little children are of no value, and that NOT doing the moral thing…stopping someone in the process of a crime especially against a child, has no consequence. Worse yet there was little moral outrage from the general public and I think I heard a sigh of sadness ooze up from the earth. Our moral conscious was severly damaged. It was a horrible day in the world and in the Black community it was an affirmation that we did not matter. I am so sad to see that a segment of the population has so hardened and become so callous and to have extended the assessment that the most vulnerable and precious people in our society the people who hold ALL of our PROMISE do not matter.

      November 11, 2011 at 2:57 am

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