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Slavery Officially Admitted to in 2012 By V.Lyn

I believe that if Herman Cain had been born during slavery he would have most assuredly been the type of house negro who would have truly believed that his white master loved him and that he was “near ‘nough treated like family”.  There were several comments made by Cain that brought me to this conclusion not the least of which was his saying that he was more authentically black than President Obama because he lived the Black experience. Yet part of his living the “black experience” was his willingness not to participate in the Civil Rights Movement during its height in spite of the fact that he attended Morehouse College where Martin Luther King Jr. had once attended and came back often to engage the student and faculty in the cause. While most of those in the student body and faculty participated Herman Cain made sure not to participate.  But in 2011 Jiggaboo Cain knew this would be a poor reflection on him as he chose to lie about this in both his book and on a variety of news conferences saying instead that he was too young at the time to be a part of the movement but lordy he wanted to. Yeah right! Cain was attending college and not just any college but Morehouse. Instead he was willing to allow others to fight for his civil rights and those of other Blacks. He then went onto say like a petulant child that Obama didn’t march either, but President Obama WAS a child in elementary school and not living in a city in  the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. Later he said his “daddy” didn’t want him to participate and wanted him to go to school.

 Now I can understand the psychology of a man who had worked his life as a chauffeur in the South during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and who was conditioned not to look in the eyes of a white man or women because” you are not their equal”, and who taught by the racist conditions in the south that the best way to get along was to keep quiet and get through the day, don’t make waves, don’t cause a ruckus because you might just disappear in the middle of the night. However that does not excuse Herman Cain’s lie and obfuscation, he should have been honest in the beginning, he could have said he was a afraid, or that he and his father thought the best way to get a head was to get an education, he could have said the truth but instead he chose to lie.

Now as an African American women I find it particularly egregious that he would say that Blacks were brainwashed during an interview that aired on CNN’s “The Situation Room” saying we “have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.”  Contrary to the jiggaboos assertions I have not been brainwashed, my decision to support the Democratic Party is for the simple fact that I see which parties policies that have been advanced are better for minority communities and for the vision I have of our nation, a nation which would care for its citizens wellbeing as a whole.  I have far more respect for my black brothers and sisters to think that they can’t see through the con, the B.S. pushed forth by the Republican and it’s latest toad Herman Cain. After all we have seen and heard as well as experienced the OVERT AND COVERT RACISM, you know how it goes “she/he is a good ol’ gal/boy for a negra/nigga”.  And for a man who denies racism exist he sure has pulled his card out when he thought it might benefit him in his latest debacle. The debacle concerning his pass sexual harassment scandal. Maybe his owners directed him to do say that, because surely that is the only way he is in the lead of  the pathetic GOP candidates,  the Koch brothers must want to see their buffoon dance, “look at my boy dance, he’s the best nigga dancer in the county” after all Ann Coulter just about confirmed the parties ownership of him and I gather a few other black conservatives from her comment  “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” she said, speaking of Democrats. “To become a black Republican, you don’t just roll into it. You’re not going with the flow…and that’s why we have very impressive blacks in the Republican party.” Last I knew we had been emancipated, perhaps someone needs to remind her and the Fox Friends of that fact, but more importantly remind Herman Cain that he is “free at last, free at last”, because of the men and women of all colors during slavery, Black Codes, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement who fought for us to have the same opportunities as those in social, political and economic power. Now some will say she didn’t mean “our blacks” to imply ownership or the fact that they, her negroes “don’t just roll into it” much like dogs doing tricks- but I beg to differ Ann Coulter is a writer, a commentator and she understands the importance of words, their literal, figurative and implied meanings and make no mistake she chose those words carefully. Good ol’ post antebellum code words to the other white supremacist out there to get on board with Herman Cain after all he is owned and does what he is told to do even if he is to dense to be aware of it. And at best he’ll be an embarassment to those other uppity blacks a reminder to stay in your place. Yes Herman the racism you denied exist does still exist and the racism is coming from those republicans and their “Owners” the 1% who are afraid that the status quo is shifting.

And finally what is up with the “pimp hat” .


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