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Herman Cain Jiggaboo Negro By V. Lyn

Well it was just a matter of time before the Republicans with the largess and direction of the Koch brothers inserted a jiggaboo in the political arena running for the office of President. I guess they think that would convince the rest of us African Americans that they really like us and therefore we would  vote for them.  Yeah Right! Now you may or may not be a Republican although I am hard pressed to see how any black person can be a member of a party that has clearly over the last 80 years demonstrated their contempt for us black folks, and whose every policy further hurts the most needy in not just our community but those in every community.

Our drift from the Republican Party while starting in 1936 with Franklin D. Roo­sevelt getting the majority of the Black vote only escalated and coalesced in the 60’s with their blatant and continued racism. The south was still the “South” and while we may have been emancipated by Lincoln a member of the Republican Party, which was also called the Democratic Republican Party  because it was not the early manifestation of the current republican party.  The current belief systems that had kept us enslaved for over three centuries has continued unabated manifesting itself in the  current Republican Ideology.

Most African Americans vote for the Democratic party, not as the jiggaboo in the race said  “because we are brainwashed” but because the policies and the inclusive ideology of the democratic policy are in our best interest. Now whether Cain believes that we are brainwashed or said it because he believes, that like a bunch of children being told one thing, we would go out of our way to prove otherwise I do not know, however what I do know either way it is insulting to African Americans and shows how far removed from the black race Cain has journeyed. Much of Cain’s comments reinforce his contempt for his own race and shows how tightly he has his lips on his masters ass and how out of touch he is with the struggles people fac of all races. He is an embarrassments to the Black race  when it comes to the things he says concerning immigration, especially considering the history of violence blacks endured during their struggles in slavery, during antebellum South, during the Black Codes, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement and still today. To make a joke about an electric fence on our borders that could KILL people men, women,and children is unconscionable. On CNN Cain stated that racism is not a factor in poverty in America and that “people sometimes hold themselves back because they want to use racism as an excuse for not being able to achieve.”His claim that racism is not a hinderance for many African Americans climb out of poverty again demonstrates that he is out of touch with the black experience or PREFERS to distance himself. Yet he never seems to hesitate to use the excuse of racism when he thinks it might benefit him, nor when h wants to shuck and jive in front of a white audience like a cavorting Steppen Fetch. His response to those critics in the Black community is that they “don’t want a lot of people to wake up, especially black people . They don’t want black people to think for themselves.” again his response implies that he believes that we are not intelligent enough to discern when there is a snake in our path. How wrong he is after all we see him. Herman Jiggaboo Cain disgust me because he is like the slave who has left the plantation fields and has entered the house of the slave master Herman Cain and wanting to maintain his new found place in the house of the master and he snickers and looks condescendingly at the black field slaves forgetting for a while that he too is still just a slave in the eyes of his Masters. Cain’s father seems to have instilled this concept into his son.  His father admirably worked several jobs to support his family one of which was as a chauffeur. I can imagine his father saying “don’t you gogettin’ in no trouble boy. Don’t go  rockin’ no boat. I got a job and they ain’t gonna like hearin’ no boy of mine is out there marchin’ stirrin’ up trouble. Let others do the marching and protesting for your civil rights.”  I can imagine his father saying “Boy don’t risk my job and your future getting involved in all this foolishness.” Were those words ever spoken, certainly I have no way of knowing, Herman Cain certainly didn’t say so, but it is clear that he now feels that it would have been an admirable endeavor for him to have participated in a movement that would have given not only him a level and equal playing field but all people. If wasn’t embarrassed by his lack of participation, if he did not feel that it was a just cause why the lie in his autobiography that he was to young to participate, his stating that he was not yet in college when documentation shows that he attended Morehouse one of the premier Black institutions a college which Martin Luther King Jr. often frequented, and where most of the university students and faculty participated in the civil rights movement at the exact time that Herman Cain attended. Herman Cain wasn’t too young to take part, Herman Cain didn’t want to rock the boat, preferring to benefit from the sacrifices that others were willing to make .  Jiggaboo Cain says that President Obama did not participate in the Civil Rights Movement neglecting to mention that Obama was born in 1961 and 7-8 years old while Cain was attending Morehouse College in Georgia at the height of the civil rights movement but could not bother to participate. Cain’s supporters like to imply that he is authentically black and that President Obama is not…I wonder when whites “knew” what made someone authentically Black or not, could it have been during slavery when they decided which black was to black to take into masters house?

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