Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

Corporate Globalizations and the Disappearing American Dream By V.Lyn

There is a movement to take back our government from the control of Corporations. You see it when you see the protestors across the country. From the protestors in Wisconsin to those on Wall Street and extending out around the globe there is a growing discontent with the way our financial institutions, major corporation and those at the very top have manipulated the system and how the rules are skewed in favor of the 1%. But the danger is so much more if the dots are followed to its natural end, and that is instead of the backdoor dealings in corporate offices and those of our congressional leaders it will be in the forefront where we will all recognize that the balance of power has shifted totally to those 1% and our government will be their toadies and we the American people and for that matter people all around the world will be slaves in a New World Order where corporations led by that 1% will govern. The flow of money from anonymous contributors and corporate lobbyist to political officials have already determined who gets into office and how leaders in both houses vote and those votes are not always dictated by what is ultimately best for the American populace but instead for what those dollars bought.

Americans like most people around the world had accepted their lot in life, we had grown complacent and apathetic and now we are aware that we can not afford to be complacent any longer. that is what those protesters are ultimately saying. That we matter, that we Americans, the French, Italians, Egyptian and all those people in other countries where they are exerting their political will by protesting in the street are declaring that we are here, we matter, we are not invisible and we want an opportunity to succeed without having the deck stacked against us. 9.1% of Americans are out of work while the unemployment rate for African Americans is at 16.4% all while corporations sit on 3trillion dollars in profit which at any other time they would have invested back into their corporations to innovate and expand instead they hoard their money for one purpose only even at Americans expense  and that is to get Obama out of office. The rationale is with no job creation, and the unemployment rate hovering around 9% and the continued economic free fall it will be difficult for his reelection hence the blockade of any effort he proposes to get America back to work. The have along with their Republican toadies diminished the power of the unions attempting to bust them from Wisconsin to Ohio, they have implemented a policy called “financial martial law.”where they can take the power of duly elected officials as they have in Benton Harbor Michigan’s subverting democracy, they have implemented legislation that amounts to voter suppression. This is not just a white issue or a young issue this is an American issue and my Black brothers and sisters young and old as well as Native Americans, Latinos and Asians need to be out there alongside the protesters where ever they are in your state. What is happening in our country does not have ramifications for just one group but for all of us and for our children and our children’s children’s. Speak up, Stand up in Solidarity, reclaim our country, reclaim our American Dream, stop being invisible, stop being silent against Corporate Globalization and the selling of our country by our politicians. If you are concerned go to www.getmoneyout.com to lend your voice and signature to the amendment to get our political system back into the hands of the people and out of the control of corporations.


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