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A Day of Solidarity Where All Workers Strike! by Valerie Lyn

The question for all Americans is to decide who we want to be as individuals and as a nation? Do we want to be a small person who begrudges our neighbor for the great deal he was able to attain or do we want to figure away to attain a similar deal for ourselves? Do we want a future for our children where they have an opportunity to have imput in their future, where they have a chance to earn a decent wage for a decent days work, or earn a degree and have a lucrative and successful career or do we want a world where our children bow and shuffle to those who have been able to amass great wealth on the BACKS of others? I don’t begrudge the wealth the rich have nor the great deal that one was able to strike; however what I do begrudge is the machinations that SOME of the wealthiest Americans use to make sure that know one else is able to attain it, and it is not MONEY I am speaking of but POWER; what I admire about the union is that when they fight for their members to be treated humanely and fairly they also fight for all workers!

The union was and is a voice for ALL workers. A voice that says that while I may work for you I am NOT OWNED by you! That while you pay me a salary, you are NOT GIVING me something for nothing. You pay me for my labor, my hard work and skills which allow YOU to profit. You pay me because I am valuable, without me there would be no you and visa versa!

The union says that all workers need to be treated as a valuable asset and not as” something expendable”. The salaries that are paid to union workers that so many people bemoan is nothing when one considers the salaries and bonuses paid to those at the top of the corporate ladder, yet we do not hear the same outrage and derision from people who identify themselves with the republican party.

This fight is about Power and the 2012 election, it is also a fight against the middle class and the poor, this is a fight for corporate interest versus the interest and well being of  American workers, it is a old fight about maintaining the status quo and fear of the ever changing face of America and the fear of what a man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama and his Black skin and what those things represents for those with a white entitlement mentality,  this is a fight about corporate globalization and their profit and the enslavement of the American worker and the demise of middle class America and the strangulation of the poor. Sounds dramatic but none the less true. Are you the American worker prepared to fight, are you prepared to fight for your future and that of your child, and if so what future are you fighting for? The one in which we hand over the reins to Corporate interest or the one in which you say we are valuable assets and that our contributions to this nation and to business is incalculable, and that we are not slaves to no man or to any corporation, or are you more comfortable bowing and shuffling for corporate favors if so then certainly you are a member of the Republican or Tea Party.

It is time that  we stand firm with those workers throughout the nation! The worker who lives next door, the one who goes out our front door in the morning, the one we lie next to at night the one we see in the mirror, because that is who we are fighting for. Those workers who are protesting in Wisconsin are us! And this is a fight we can not afford to lose.

It is time we stand firmly behind American workers! It is time we stand with them in Solidarity!

In my dream all Americans show support for the Wisconsin protestors by have a nationwide Strike Day! In my dream this gets the attention of Republicans, Tea Partiers and Big Corporations. In an ideal show of force and solidarity every middle class and minimum wage employee- unfortunately this does not include essential employees ie: police, nurses and fire personnel in America would simultaneously give a message of real SOLIDARITY and not show up for work on a given day.  On this day we would not make any purchases and not drive our cars if we needed to buy gas. This would have a devastating effects to the economy, the one place that would get their attention. The Republicans Puppet Masters and the Republicans after all think we are insignificant their view of us is clear  from their comments and the policies that they have pushed for that further disadvantage the middle class and the poor over these last 60 years. Embolden by the changing face of American society and the racism (at times overt) of many of  those that identify themselves as Republicans as well as the victories they have achieved with legislature in recent years they no longer even are making an attempt to disguised their contempt for the poor and middle class and in particular Blacks and Latinos. If you are Black or a Latino their view of us is slightly above that of human garbage.

If you think this will not affect you look at Ohio and how they orchestrated it that a bill that killed the union there was passed by twice substituting republican politicians who would have voted against the bill with two republican politicians who passed the bill. This an out right assault on the middle class, class warfare at it’s worst.

Maybe if things continue this way maybe my dream will become a reality!

Maybe the next move will be by working class Americans  a day of SOLIDARITY, a day when all American workers go on STRIKE!!! A day of revolt! A day when we say we are not SERFS, INDENTURED SERVANTS and most definitely not SLAVES!!! A day we all call in sick, do not go out, do not buy any products and do not drive your car. Republicans and Tea Baggers and the like of course you’ll be their handling everything that us non-essential workers do, after all how hard could it be to cover for …now what did you call middle class and poor Americans oh yes I remember “Lazy”  “Goons” “Slobs” and ” Human Garbage”.

original published on march 3rd, 2011


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