Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

The Philosophy of Arrogance by Valerie Lyn

My disgust and contempt for the bigotry and arrogant philosophy of some whites in this country increases on a daily bases.The ignorance and sheer unadulterated stupidity of these Christian Conservative whites leads me to wonder how have they ruled anything thus far. Is it because of their sheer number because clearly it is not because of any unique intellectual attribute they have. Their incessant racism and their remarkable ability to rewrite history leaves me amazed. Like drunken amnesiacs they rant about life’s injustices to them “poor fuckin’ me…why don’t they like me” these stupid trite arrogant bastards lament, as if the fact that the atrocities that a white majority nation had committed throughout the world and the ramifications of which are still felt to this day, had never occurred.

“I’m not a racist,”they say ” but a nigga just shouldn’t be the President…”They have no problem spouting their racism at the drop of a button showing their true racist colors for a glaring second for all to see with little or no provocation. Yet like most cowards they are disingenuous and will try to twist their words and actions, wink wink  “You Blacks are so sensitive. That picture of a Obama with a hairy monkey body doing the first lady is a joke and is in no way meant to be racist or offensive ok a little offensive snicker snicker now I have to go to church”. Or you may hear them say aren’t “the blacks” better off having been slaves; would they rather be in Africa?. But make no mistake their contempt for anything other does not begin and end with Blacks it extends to all things non white and their ill disguised disgust was never more apparent then when a three year old child grandmother threw her from a mall parking lot where she died. The families last name indicates a Hispanic origin and the bloggers pounced on this. The bigotry against Hispanics reared its ugly disgusting malevolent head when the bloggers jested about this small childs murder at the hands of her grandmother implying this may be an effective means of immigration reform and my disgust for these people flared…and I wondered how they can not see themselves as the world over is beginning to see them as small scared pathetic people.

When the Navy Seal 6 accomplished a military feat that should have united us in their heroism and bravery, having put their lives in potential danger not just that day but every day just as all of our true heroes do the ones who serve us when we all are to scared to peer out from beneath our beds. Instead we had the small white slugs scurry from their corners and who belittled and belied the accomplishments of what all our brave service men and women do in this instance the Navy Seals. It  trivialized what they do on a daily basis and what they are willing to sacrifice for us by implying that not only would the White House lie but they too would lie. I need proof these hate mongers say grasping at anything that might undermine this achievement in their   that the Black President would get some credit for the feat. If America needs to see the devil then it needs to look no further than the mirror.

America the land of opportunity is a myth it is only if ..”you look like me” they say. The melting pot is another joke it only applies if your pot is out of sight and nowhere near theirs. An America where different ethnicities and religions are accepted ahhhhhh well that is if you believe like they do… or you’re one of those house negroes so desperate to be accepted as one of “them”  who are too blind to the fact they are just a tool to be bandied about to convince those citizens also to naïve to understand that they are bringing out the prerequisite token African American only to prove just how “not racist” the racist are. “And now can I get your vote. That nigga I mean negra, coon gosh lord almighty Jesus I am so tongue tied today. That  Negro over there, lord I swear I’ll be in church this sunday diddlin’ that little lady knee, I mean lord I best shut my wife my mouth  my mouth…that colored boy is my boy and he’s a republican so vote for me boy vote for me.” He tries to convince as he pats you on the back with a pasty white manicured hand. Unfortunately many Americans believe the lie because they want too even when commonsense and reason says it is a lie.  I say “Yeah okay and I’m buying the Brooklyn bridge… ahhh right.

Slavery, the genocide of the American Indian, the mass deportation of Mexicans during the depression, Black Codes, Jim Crow, Japanese internment camps, Rwanda, Darfur, Sudan, two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan-Fat Man and Little Boy, segregated military blacks on one side and all else on the other even as we fought in every war for America, syphilis experiments conducted on blacks, racial profiling all atrocities the white power structure with the tacit agreement of a complicit fear mongering white populace agreed too: and whites wonder why so many hate them! The question should be why are they all not hated? The answer to this is that most rational people understand that not all whites should be punished for the crimes that others committed, most rational people understand that not all white people are evil or stupid or cruel. That no group of people should be punished for what a small segment of their population has perpetrated.

Now if we can only train “the whites” to understand and learn this concept!!!


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