Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

Bi- Racial Vibes by: V.Lyn

Our Beauty manifest itself within every hue, within our resiliency, within our strength, our shared history makes us one, but mainly it is clearly defined within our love for one another. Black is not just about the COLOR of the skin ….

Strength in Beauty

          Reflecting beauty in adversity.


Condelezza Rice, Becky Coleman, and Oprah Winfrey their beauty is not merely in their appearance but manifest itself most profoundly in their strength.

    Strength in the knowledge of who we are AND  because we are beautiful.


Strength in resiliency. Strength in the ability to not only survive adversity but to thrive in the midst of it. Strength is the ability to adapt. Strength is the willingness to admit what you do not know and the hunger  to seek knowledge. Strength is not merely physical it manifest itself most purely in the heart and mind…and some may say through the soul!

2 generations of strong black females!

My sister emailed me one day and what she said epitomized the African American CONNECTION…

“I woke up this glorious morning stretched out in bed to find my toes tapping, and my heart beating in time to a drumming in my spirit, and I felt alive my sister, alive, and I felt our connection to something old and tribal and pure, but mostly I felt my connection to you , I felt like you my sister, I felt like you!”

And that is to me what it is that we in the BLACK COMMUNITY have AND MUST NEVER LOSE!!! To all my sisters and brothers out there I feel you….in more ways than one!

That is the beauty of the black experience, our shared history, our connection to one another. We are many things, from laborers to professionals, poor to wealthy, light-skinned to dark, mothers and fathers. Whether we live in the city or the country we almost always understand the hardships that one another faces. We understand the hurdles that our ancestors had to surmount in order for us to have the opportunities we are able to reap today. We know that the struggle continues even now and we carry the fight forward so that our children will see the fruition of  a dream: a dream that was not started with Martin Luther King…but began with the first shackled slaves fight for freedom!!!

Our children deserve our activism, our willingness to stand firm and tall…to remember the truth and not the re-spun tales of a “thankful slave”. History is being rewritten, but it is our duty to make sure that the truth of that experience is NOT made into a revisionist tale. Our children NEED to know that our ancestors fought for parity, for equality, for a fair seat at the economic and political table! And that it is their RESPONSIBILITY to maximize those hard-fought for opportunities.

Our children need to excel in the often poorly equipped,sometimes dilapidated and antiquated school systems that they are relegated to..they need to demand that they are seen, taught and educated and hold their classmates accountable as well. We as PARENTS need TO be PARENTS and remember that we have a duty to our children that goes beyond sending them off to school. While the poor education system,  indifferent and ill prepared teachers and a self serving administrative body bear much of the blame so do students and parents who have dropped out mentally. We as parents need to own up to our complicity in our childrens education as well; we (parent’s) are a large part of whether they fail or succeed. We need to be responsible and assume an activist stance in their education and to stop acquiescing our children to others.

We need to demand of our children to learn! And to make them Aware  of the benefits and the significance of that education…and not label them or others, as thinking they are too good for wanting MORE…We need to tell and retell our children that education IS the pathway to all things and that we want more FOR THEM than what we have had for ourselves… And they should want the same as well…

We need to tell them that they can still REPRESENT, that we do not want to change them but instead to watch their metamorphasis…That their transformation is a manifestation that has been underway for generations…

They need to know that we are beautiful, strong and  resilient… And come in every hue.

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When I wake in the morning I see my toes tapping, and feel the hammering of my heart, and I feel ALIVE WITH THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES that are you…and I feel like you…I feel like you.


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