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I Love My People However Today I am deeply Ashamed and Disgusted by V.Lyn

I read an article about an 11 year old girl who was brutally gang raped by 18 young men and I was horrified, reading further however increased my disgust, contempt and loathing.  Those feeling were even stronger towards their family who chose to further victimize the victim. 

There is no excuse for the rape!

I have always defined myself first and foremost by my blackness. My African Americanism has always been a source of pride. It is how I identified myself.  I am an African American women, mother, daughter, sister,  grandmother, intelligent and strong. My identity was conceived in pride and hardship, fomented in adversity and achievement. I watched with pride as all of my family achieved and beat the odds in their path to success. I swayed to the beat of fiery drums that came up though the ground and then moved through the heels of our feet until their reverberations are finally given voice. I have heard the lament of old and young black folks and heard my cries as well.  I have heard the echoing sounds of laughter so rich that it virtually spilt from the earth. I have watched my family stand tall with pride, shoulders  , head high, and I have acknowledged my acts less glorious at times and determined to do better, to be better for I have a legacy  that I am both following and creating. I have always known that we are capable of greatness I also knew that we are capable of despicable acts still ours is a beautiful culture.  The African American experience is unique, fraught with adversity, a struggle to survive, a lifting of spirit, excelling and achieving, a testament to those who came before us and a guideposts for those who come after. While I have felt great waves of pride for my race, and yes I know most will say there is no such thing as race and that race is just a social constraint the fact remains black people are my people, first and foremost, it is them with who I have a shared history with, a history of struggle, and racism, and triumph and a continued struggle against a legacy of racism that still permeates through society today and because of this shared experience and understanding of the consequences of institutional racism I understood the cause of much of the crime in the Black community and while not excusing it I could explain it in the context of sociological perspectives. Today though I feel disgust and shame…So much so that a part of me wanted to vomit my blackness. To distance myself from those people in a small backwater town in the rest of the back water state of Texas who defended their rapist family members by vilifying a child not yet 12… I wanted to deny them by denying the blackness we shared and until I realized that those things in Texas are not Black …and are barely if at all human.  We do not share anything beyond the color of our skin, because for me being black… African American is so much more, it is a reason to persevere,  to continue forward, to excel. To be more human, more human..because we of all people have been treated as  little more than chattel as a thing to be bought and sold dehumanized in ways that no other person on the face of this earth has ever been for over 400 years and in many pockets of the world this dehumanization continues today. But today I was disgusted as much by the family, if not in some perverse fashion more so with the family of the rapist as I was by the rapist themselves.

There is NO  excuse for the rape of a child, no justification for the debasement of a child, there is no equivocation in that. Gang rape, rape,  date rape, incest, molestation, sodomizing an infant  or a child is INEXCUSABLE. It murders the childs spirit, their soul is for ever changed…and in some ways that damage is far worse than the physical trauma. And for anyone who tries to imply that a child asked for, deserved it, is no better than the rapist and in some ways worse because it was mostly like those evil and inane ideas that helped formulate and create that creature that was capable of committing that atrocity and who waited in the wings disguised as a human for an innocent victim to saunter by perhaps a tad to close. 

Below is the article:

Texas gang rape: Community blames 11 year old victim

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Texas gang rape: Community blames 11 year old victim – National Humanist | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/humanist-in-national/texas-gang-rape-community-blames-11-year-old-victim#ixzz1Gc2BSCH3

March 11th, 2011 7:23 pm ET

Do you like this Article?

 A terribly ugly and divisive episode is unfolding in a small, backwater Texas town. Caught on video taken by a mobile phone, the brutal and disturbing gang rape of an 11 year old girl has divided the community of Cleveland, Texas. Eighteen community members are now under arrest, accused of sexually assaulting the girl at an abandoned mobile home. Yet to the astonishment of outsiders, many community members are blaming the 11 year old victim.

Thursday a meeting meant to address and discuss community concerns about the tragic crime degenerated into an ugly scene as numerous community members, many relatives of those accused, blamed the victim for her assault. Community members claimed the 11 year old girl dressed provocatively and lied about her age. 

AP Texas news reports:

Many who attended the meeting said they supported the group of men and boys who have been charged in the case. Supporters didn’t claim that the men and boys did not have sex with the young girl; instead they blamed the girl for the way she dressed or claimed she must have lied about her age — accusations that have drawn strong responses from those who note an 11-year-old cannot consent to sex and that it doesn’t matter how she was dressed.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Jason Linkins expresses the feelings of many when he laments: “Cleveland, Texas is the most awful town in America.” Indeed, one must wonder how anyone in their right mind can blame any victim of sexual assault. But to blame an 11 year old child for being gang raped simply challenges all notions of common decency.

The way a woman or a young girl dresses is a justification for nothing. There is never an excuse or justification for rape. The fact that this is the rape of a child only magnifies the hideous nature of the crime. 

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Texas gang rape: Community blames 11 year old victim – National Humanist | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/humanist-in-national/texas-gang-rape-community-blames-11-year-old-victim#ixzz1Gbsqprgz


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