Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.


ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND STRONG! One hundred thousand people turned out to show support for the workers of America. People gathered from all corners of Wisconsin and from other states, hopping in their cars, and on buses in these hard economic times, putting what money they could muster to stand at the side of the workers in Wisconsin because they were aware that those state employees represented not just State Employees or even Union employees but all employees across AMERICA are imperilled by Corporate globalization and its influence on the political landscape of America and the world. The support that they showed in Wisconsin was RALLYING CRY to the GOP putting them on notice. It was a message sent not just by the middle class who are watching and have watched everything they have worked for being put in jeopardy by a group of individual so callous and out of touch with the economic reality of the working middle class and are attempting to relegate them in to the category of the working poor, the rally was also a message from those who strive to stand and survive in a constant state of poverty. Just as importantly the rally on saturday was a statement to the GOP and to those wealthy KOCH brothers and corporation who are trying to decimate the middle class by buying the vote of those in the GOP that we the American Worker are UNITED and that we will not be silenced.

If the Repubs and the teabaggers had hoped this story would go away, lost in the midst of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan they are wrong.


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