Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

The Whole Country Strikes on Saturday!

The Whole Nation should simultaneously go on strike this Saturday to show support for All American Workers!!!!

If you think this has nothing to do with you because you are not in a union or live in Wisconsin the fact is that what they are doing to the workers in Wisconsin will be coming to a state near you! The unions gave us many of the rights that we enjoy in the work place they gave us protection against mistreatment, poor and unsafe working facilities and a vast array of labor laws. Every worker across this country should go on strike! We should not make ANY purchases!…

EVERY AMERICAN WORKER needs to take a good look at the policies the Republican party and its MORE CONSERVATIVE sister party has been attempting to implement in order to take control of the country so that they can hand it over to Corporations.

EVERY AMERICAN WORKER should go on strike forming a united front against corporate and government avarice and tyranny!

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