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Massive Protest in Wisconsin on Saturday

From One Wisconsin Now  

With the possibly-illegal actions in the last 12 hours by Republicans in the Assembly and Senate, there is a massive mobilization at the state capitol in Madison this Saturday.

Everyone who opposes Gov. Walker and the Senate and Assembly Republicans’ massive attack on our way of like in Wisconsin needs to come to Madison on Saturday and be a part of history — the largest public demonstration Wisconsin has ever seen!

AFSCME Wisconsin has a list of buses that will be running to Madison from communities all over the state. Check out the schedule at http://www.wiafscme.org/index.cfm?action=article&articleID=fd9884e9-33e6-4219-9f2a-ef60cea9eb9f

Saturday’s protest at the Capitol in Madison promises to be the largest demonstration yet against Governor Walker and the Republican’s assault on Wisconsin’s middle class. The One Wisconsin Now team will be there. Firefighters and police officers will be there. Teachers and their students will be there. Farmers and their families will be there. College students, single moms, retirees and working families will be there.

Will you?

There are activities planned throughout the day, starting with the Farmer Labor Tractorcade running from 10am to noon, followed by the statewide rally to begin at 2pm.

If you can, please make it to Madison this Saturday and join in our massive demonstration against Governor Walker and the Republican’s attacks on Wisconsin’s middle class.

Thanks for all you do,


P.S.–We are so honored and thankful that so many of you have stepped up to support our efforts in organizing the fight against these attacks on Wisconsin’s working families. If you haven’t yet ordered your ‘Fighting for Wisconsin’ button, now’s the time to get one before they’re gone — you can get one with a $20 contribution today at https://secure3.convio.net/pn/site/Donation2?df_id=3120&3120.donation=form1

One Wisconsin Now is a new-media online network of citizens from across Wisconsin committed to advancing progressive policy, leadership, values and ensuring equal economic opportunity for all.

One Wisconsin Now depends on support from you and people just like you! Please consider making a contribution to One Wisconsin Now
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2 responses

  1. Pingback: Wisconsin High-School Students Call for Nationwide Walkout « Fightback TCNJ!

    • Every Student across America should turn out in support of the citizens in Wisconsin. Their fight is our fight and I am so proud to see you all practice your civic rights in support of your teachers, your family and the future of all of us in America. Every working American should strike on Saturday in support of those people in Wisconsin. What is happening there will soon be affecting all of us across Amercia.

      March 11, 2011 at 6:41 am

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