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Stand Strong State Employees of Wisconsin and Democratic Senators by V. Lyn

Hold firm State Employees of Wisconsin, the union and all those who support their fight. You have not been abandoned, you are not alone, your fight is our fight, and I personally thank you all for holding strong

Thank You Ed Schultz…Thank You Michael Moore for keeping this story alive for this is the civil rights movement of the last 40 years! I don’t say this lightly because the ramification of this impacts us all! It is our FRENCH REVOLUTION and I refuse to have some Corporate ULTRA RICH Fat Cat say let them eat cake!

This is an important issue that we can not walk away from and pretend that the fight for those American workers will not effect us all!

WAKE UP AMERICA! As we are sleeping the ultra rich with the the Koch brothers at the helm are attempting to dismantle your rights, your freedoms, your hopes and dreams. Breaking the unions is just another step in their attempt to create a society of serfs.  

As Michael Moore says 400 Wealthy Americans have  more wealth in cash assets and profits then all Americans COMBINED!!!  This is an important issue, this is a crucial issue, this wealth equates to power! And I am not prepared to abdicate my financial security to corporations, in the hopes that MAYBE they will do the right thing,  after all prior experience shows that they will not do so! 

Corporations sat on profits from their most profitable year and did not funnel that money back into the economy and create jobs. They nearly broke this countries economy, and profited on it. They created financial ruin across the country causing unemployment rates to surge nationally to 9.9%, and as staggering as that is it is far worse for African Americans 16.4%. Then with them firing you and creating  these massive job losses they FORECLOSED on your home,  then demanded that we give them subsidies and tax cuts. They raised prices on food, gas and credit card rates and surreptitiously placed fees in our banking accounts and credit card rates, made it harder to get loans, to refinance, to get loans to expand and create business.

I stand strong with the Union and the American workers will you!

As Michael Moore and the citizens of ‘ chanted….WE HAVE HAD IT! WE HAVE HAD IT! That chant echoed in my soul and I felt the reverberation across America as Americans lifted up that cry WE HAVE HAD IT WE HAVE HAD IT WE HAVE HAD ITWEHAVE HADITWEHAVEHADITWEHAVEHADIT!!!! I support you and stand firm with you! Thank you Wisconsin, thank you Democratic Senators!!!

Youtube video by Samy Mayfield

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