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Audio of the Fake Koch and Governor Walker and Newly Revealed Info

Part 1

Part 2

Here is something else equally troublesome that the Governor of Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill does that was reported by LaCrosse Tribune, “the measure would give the state Department of Health Services the authority to restrict eligibility, modify benefits and make other changes to Medicaid with less legislative review than required now.” Even more troubling is the manner in which they can do it. The disclosure in the LaCrosse Tribune also states the Governors budget repair bill states the Joint Committee on Finance — “not the full Legislature — would have what’s called passive review authority, which means rule changes would take effect if the 16-member body does not object. The way the bill is written, the committee’s Republican co-chairmen would have the sole discretion whether to hold a public hearing.”

Also found within this bill Milwaukee TMJ 4 I Team Investigation reports “the governor can sell any state-owned heating, cooling, and power plant or may contract with a private entity for the operation of any such plant, with or without the solicitation of bids.” Under the current budgetary short fall in Wisconsin wouldn’t you think the Governor would want to have bids since that means you get more money to address his states fiscal crisis.


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