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Are We as Petty as the GOP Thinks by V. Lyn

The GOP is banking on the American non union employee being small minded, vindictive and petty, and therefore in their anger at loss of jobs, or insecurity in their jobs and/ or low wages be angry with those who are union workers who have  job security and earn a fair wage because they negotiated better contracts because of the strength and backing of unions. I think if anyone we would be mad at it would be those big corporations that pay out big bonuses to those upper management in the billions of dollars in spite of their manipulation of the market that created what had the potential of destroying not just Americas economy but the global economy as well. I think if anyone we would be mad at it would be those banks that take our tax dollars to get them out of the trouble they created and then foreclose on our homes because we can not pay for the home we worked hard for and now because of the economic downturn they created out of greed we can not meet our commitments. I think we would be angry at the Republicans who see us as inconsequential, lazy and greedy, their words folks on more than one occasion, and who take money from big business directly and indirectly in the form of contributions to do the bidding of corporations even if it is not in our best interest. I would be mad at those individuals that are so quick in cutting our positions, our pay and benefits, while never mentioning how they intend to make a sacrifice…Did anyone hear them say they are willing to forego their income for a year, six month or even a week? Are they willing to cut their living allowance, or the Governors mansion or the cleaning crew or the car they are allotted or even their healthcare benefits to help get the budget deficits in line state or federal. Why is it always the poor who make the noble “shared sacrifice” both economically and in war. It is a statistical truth that disproportionately poor and middle class kids enlist in the military while rich kids get to forego the duty honor and of course shared sacrifice the rest of us make, mostly likely going off to college while the children of the poor return home broken or in flag covered caskets.

The GOP thinks we are petty when they bother to consider us at all other than as a  potential vote. I think they are wrong. I think they underestimate us and I look forward to our proving it. I think many of us have gotten complacent, to busy but to think in sound bits, often lulled by illusions and propaganda. I think when Obama came in the arena he gave us a jostle nudging us in to awareness, I think with what is going on in Wisconsin we have been shook and I think they the Republican tactics have woken us up.   I think we will instead ask why have we not formed a union? I think most Americans are smart enough to know that the unions did not cause this economic downturn, with the exception of those who are devotees of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and the GOP of course. I think the majority of Americans will realize that the argument made by them is more sleight of hand by the Republicans. I think Americans who have questions are smart enough to read a multitude of articles, and books on the issue, and do thorough research and formulate their own opinion and not just walk lockstep with their political party or allow the difficult economic times that we face embitter us to our union brothers and sisters. Perhaps had there been more Unions many of us may not have gotten pink slips as upper management got bonuses for poor performances.

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