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Union Busting and The Governors Hypocrisy by V.Lyn

While Governor Walker of Wisconsin may profess that his motive in cutting the pay and benefits of state semployees is so he can address his states budget deficit it is apparent from his demand that they give up their rights for collective bargaining that his real agenda is to break the union in Wisconsin. However even more serious is the over arching plan of the GOP’s and that of the big Corporations (namely the Koch brothers) is to ultimately break the labor union nationally as other Republican Governors use the same method Governor Walker has used which is the rouse of cutting the deficit.

This fight is a fight against the Middle Class by the Rich, if it were truly about reducing the budget deficit in Wisconsin, that the Governor Walker, created by giving the rich a tax break, he would have agreed to meet with the union who had already agreed to all the concessions he claimed he wanted. Prior to the strike the teachers union had agreed on the salary, benefits and pension demands by the Republican Governor just not his unfair and strategic demand of collective bargaining which helped to create the middle class,  the right to collective bargaining are sacrosanct without them we would soon be relegated to the status of current day indentured servants.

FOLKS! Listen up they are banking that there are enough non-union workers out there to support them in their effort to bust the unions…if you do this it will only further benefit the rich and drastically hurt all workers in the long run. Let me repeat this will HURT ALL AMERICAN WORKERS!  I have never been in a union, however I do know what the unions throughout history have achieved for all workers…decent work hours with over time if you work over 40 hours, no more sweat shops, maternity leave,  fair wages, workmen compensation, paid holidays, healthcare coverage, pension plans and so much more and without those unions ability to collectively bargain now and in the past workers would have no voice and none of the aforementioned benefits. Picture this imagine a lone employee approaching his boss who just demanded that he stay way beyond his 10 hour day. The boss tells him he needs him to put in at least  4 more hours…and “No Bob  I am not paying you overtime” Bob tells his boss “Well sir I can’t stay I have xyz to take care of.” “Well Bob you either stay or you are fired.”  Bob has two unfair choices. The union gave Bob a voice, recourse that one lone voice would not have had that if you require Bob to put in additional hours then you must fairly compensate him for hours worked. That voice resonates today and without that voice people ALL people could be summarily fired for no cause, without that voice Bob who is hurt on the job can be terminated and not compensated and if you believe that companies would not willing roll back these hard fought for and decent programs guess again. Corporations have an agenda and that is profit.  And while the Governor ask for state employees to sacrifice where is the sacrifice from Governor Walker, has he given up his Governors mansion, the car paid for by the state, his income or any portion of it?

Please stand in Solidarity with those workers in Wisconsin not because of the fact that they are union employees but because they are us, our families and our neighbors, unions are the last bastion for ALL American workers! While the government may not want this to be a political fight this is folks!!! While they may want us to think this is not about going after the middle class think again…this is a fight folks and I for one am ready to stand with the people of America. The Republicans are trying to destroy the middle class and annihilate the poor and minorities, look at the programs that they have been cutting, look at the organizations and labor groups they are going after and look at what group is escaping unscathed.  Remember a few months back when the Republicans tried to deny the 9/11 first responders funding for illnesses that arose from their heroism on that day! Remember a few months back when they tried not to give the unemployed benefits, look at their current budget proposal that earmark for cuts every program that is in place to help the weakest of our Nation. 

This is the civil rights movement of today!!! So what side are you going to stand on?


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