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Petition In Support of the Workers in Wisconsin by V. Lyn


Please show your support for all workers across America and sign this petition. I am not nor have I ever been in a union but I have benefitted over the 4o plus years that I have been in the work force by what unions have accomplished. Do not help the Governor of Wisconsin and the Republicans roll back the time on workers right. Do not let them relegate employees to a serf status.

For years  we have listened to political parties and corporations, whose agenda  is to demean and diminish the support unions  have among America’s  labor force, due to this many of us have forgotten what unions have achieved for all workers, both union and non union alike. While there is good and bad in any organization there is more good than bad in the union. The criticism of unions has been that they benefit union workers and not the non union worker, stockholders and the goods and service purchaser however the truth is that we all benefit from what the unions have achieved which are a 40 hour work week, minimum wage, equal pay, child labor laws, no more seat shops and  healthcare. Some of us may say well we have to pay more for benefits than the union employee however the issue should be WHY are we having to pay more  for benefits and why are we not paid better for our hard labor  and that answer likely is because we are NOT UNIONIZED . Who benefits by non union workers, the answer to that question are big corporations. The Unions and their workers in the early years of its formation stood against paid corporate thugs getting their heads bashed, families threaten and sometimes home fire bombed because corporation found what they represented as a danger workers right. Unions were formed in the early 19th century so that people could band together with more bargaining power until then it had been if the corporation told you to work 18 hours in a day for no extra pay you had little say in the matter than no or I quit, both are not easy things to dao when your livelihood and that of your families is dependant on your job..but with workers banded together one voice became thousand. After slavery ended and corporations needed another bountiful source of cheap labor    

Unions benefit all of America’s workers and strengthen our communities. Unions today:Reinforce the middle class and lift up America’s communities. States with higher rates of unionization have lower rates of poverty, crime, and failing schools.1Benefit local economic development. In partnerships with employers, community organizations, and local governments, unions have helped revitalize local economies by saving and expanding family-supporting jobs.Raise wages for all workers. Studies show that a large union presence in an industry or region can raise wages even for non-union workers.2Fight for all workers’ health and safety. In 2008 the AFL-CIO and the United Food and Commercial Workers sued to get employers to provide personal protective equipment. Now, workers in hazardous jobs which require safety gear—like hard hats or protective glasses—must be provided this equipment, instead of being asked to buy it themselves.Advocate for increases in the minimum wage and push for living wage ordinances. Unions have been instrumental in efforts to increase the federal minimum wage, state minimum wages and in the successful living wage movement which has already resulted in over 150 local living wage laws nationwide.Reduce wage inequality. Unions raise wages the most for low- and middle-wage workers and workers without college degrees.3Invest worker pension funds to rebuild communities  In June 2006, the AFL-CIO launched the Gulf Coast Revitalization Program, a $1 billion housing and economic development program to create low- and moderate-income housing, a low-cost mortgage program, health facilities, job training services, and thousands of high-wage union jobs throughout the region. The Gulf Coast program builds on the success of similar AFL-CIO investment strategies to develop affordable housing in Chicago and to help New York City recover from the devastating terrorist attacks of September 11th. Union pension funds invested $750 million in post-9/11 New York.4Are crucial in passing legislation benefiting all workers, including:

  • Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007, providing an increase in the federal minimum wage.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, a comprehensive federal law ensuring safety in the workplace.
  • Workers’ compensation laws, giving workers injured on the job medical coverage and compensation for lost time.
  • Mine safety laws strengthening mine safety standards and protecting the rights of mine workers.
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, creating the 40-hour work week and the first minimum wage.
  • The Social Security Act of 1935, providing benefits to unemployed and retired workers. 

Why would Big CORPORATION S  Not want Union members Because They:

Earn higher wages. Union members earn 30% more than non-union workers.

Have safer workplaces Which cost Corporations more money to comply. Union workers are often better trained on health and safety rules and union workplaces are more likely to enforce Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.6

Are more likely to receive workers’ compensation and Corporations are all about their profit even if it means you have to work injured or ill. Union members also get their benefits faster, and return to work more quickly.7 When workers are injured, unions help workers through the often complicated process of filing for workers’ compensation and protect workers from employer retaliation.

Have health insurance. Nearly 80% of unionized workers receive employer-provided health insurance, compared with 49% of non-union workers. Union members are also more likely to have short-term disability and life insurance coverage.

Please stand by those state employees in Wisconsin who are not just fighting for their rights but for all Americans in the labor force.  If the  Unions fall there they will begin to topple everywhere which is the  goal of the Republican party as well as those who fund them. When the unions effectively have their power stripped it will be bad for all workers across America. Look at the larger picture, and for once lets support one another, and step up and help our neighbors and friends as we did in the days before the’ me’ generation.

Please copy and paste the below email and send it to Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now…Supporting them Ultimately Supports us all.

Scot Ross, One WI Now


Dear Reader,

Scott Walker has done the unthinkable.

Friday, Gov. Walker made the shocking announcement that he plans to use the government to strip away the rights workers in Wisconsin. And he’s willing to call out the National Guard to enforce his unprecedented power grab.

Stand with workers, right now, and sign our petition demanding your legislator vote against Gov. Walker’s proposal to take away rights from working Wisconsinites.


We need to send a message to our representatives at the Capitol that Wisconsin is united against Gov. Walker’s assault on workers in our state. Gov. Walker refused to even meet with public employees, something which Republican and Democratic governors have done in good faith for the past half century. Public employees offered $100 million in concessions and Walker responded by refusing to even meet with them.

Gov. Walker has shoved these abhorrent proposals – such as ending collective bargaining, raiding health programs, and selling state assets to benefit business – in a so-called budget repair bill, but make no mistake: this plan does not create jobs and it will increase our long-term debt.

Why, when unemployment in Wisconsin is so high, would Gov. Walker propose a plan that would use government to take away the rights of people that still are working? Why, after he increased the deficit with a $140 million special interest giveaway, would Gov. Walker propose a budget repair bill that does nothing to repair the budget?

Tell your legislator you oppose this government scheme to take away rights in Wisconsin.


With this bill, Gov. Walker puts himself in charge of independent agencies, he strips away collective bargaining rights so he can personally dictate winners and losers and give himself the power to unilaterally cut people from BadgerCare and SeniorCare without a vote of the full legislature.

It’s unthinkable. But he’s trying to do it. And we have to stop him.

Demand your legislator vote against the appalling budget repair bill Gov. Walker has proposed, and get your friends and family to do the same. Don’t wait. Wisconsin’s workers need you to take action right now.


Thank you for all you do,


PS: A massive mobilization is being planned at the State Capitol this Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are able, please come and show your support for the rights of working Wisconsinites. The events begin at 11a.m. both days. Together, we must stop Gov. Walker’s plan dead in its tracks.


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