Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

Video on the Protest in Wisconsin by V. Lyn

There was a dream that was America, the Native Americans fought to keep it, Colonist fought to obtain it, Blacks fought to share in it and every American who immigrants here fought to have a right to have a say in it! There was a dream that we could all work hard, study hard, contribute to this country with intellect, labor, and yes even our blood, and share in the bounty of all that we built. There was a dream that if we rise up as one that the fruits of America and the Dream we all seek would be available to not just a few but to all. There was a dream that was America, that democracy concieved by the founding fathers that we, the people, would all have a say in the governance of this country and that our Country, our Nation would not be controlled by a few. This country was meant to be a Democracy but because of a concerted effort by those behind huge Corporations with their ability to dictate to government and make massive undisclosed contributions to the candidates who will do their bidding our country is becoming an oligarchy.

All Americans need to stand in Solidarity to our fellow citizens in America.

All Americans must support those workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and the states near you. If the Governor is victorious in this you can be sure that your Governor will do the same. This proposed plan will have a ripple effect, not only does it diminish the democratic process and workers rights it is a means to give Corporations more control. States give tax breaks to corporations and huge breaks for the wealthy and then TAKE more from those who can least afford to sustain the loss. The cuts to income and to these employees benefits who already are struggling to make ends meet, who may have a wage earner who is currently unemployed with or without unemployment benefits. This could mean the loss of their homes and an increase in the foreclosure rate which will ultimately impact all Americans, less liquid cash to purchase from businesses which will mean eventually an increase in unemployment, more Americans who will need benefits but will not be able to get them because of the proposed cuts to social services on the federal level by the GOP. Get it America corporations that 2% that the GOP and TEA PARTY pander to. Two months ago there was a surplus in the Wisconsin treasury of until the Governor gave the rich in Wisconsin 3 weeks ago a massive tax break which led to the deficit.

Step up America and ORGANIZE stand in Solidarity with our state workers, whether you “like” unions or not remember that all the rights you enjoy in the work place are due to what UNIONS have demanded for you. Step up America or a Pay Cut will becoming to a state near you.

Call your Representatives, your Governor, the White House and say you will not be a 21st Century Slave to Corporations… Tell them you are unwilling to let go of the American Dream and all the proposed promise for the benefit of the Koch Brothers. Ask them where is there Sacrifice and the Sacrifice of their families. Stand and be counted, make your voice heard in a loud voice that says you stand solidly for the rights of American workers to be heard and represented. Let them know that while you may be willing to sacrifice you are unwilling to fall on your sword.

The only state workers pay and benefits that the Governor did not try to cut were the ones that contributed to the Republican Governor still those workers stand a long side their fellow protesting brothers and sisters acknowledging the injustices being done and aware that while their voices may not be stifled today it is just a matter of time before the voice and rights of all workers will be hushed.


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