Drayton's Gazette discusses social and political issues happening around the globe through the eyes of the African American, minority and disaffected communities.

Why are We Not Out in the Streets by V.Lyn

All the elements for unrest are in place in America just as they are in Egypt…Why are we not out in the streets trying to TOPPLE big CORPORATIONS that are playing the role of Dictator, marginalizing Americans as they loot the country of its assets. Corporations deliberately stymie our economic improvement at every turn for their own largess and corporate greed. Is it because Americans are not frustrated? Most of the people I speak to clearly are.  Frustrated with the fact that CORPORATE America sits on 3 trillion dollars and not hiring people for the sole purpose of achieving its political goals, which is to get a Black Man out of the office and maintain the status quo. Most commentators are side stepping the racial components wanting to be bigger than the reality and not offend some … well I’ll call a spade a spade, “Wake Up Martin cause the Dream Ain’t a comin’.” at least not any time soon. Racism exist and you can see it in the soft doughy white skin of Rush Limbaugh, the connivance of Beck and the manipulation of a bunch of ignorant white women wanting to keep what they think is the natural birth right of their sons and daughters.  Why are we not marching on them and their ilk? Why are we not in the streets demanding that those banks that received OUR TAX PAYER MONEY cease all foreclosures? After all we propped them up with our dollars to keep them a float. Why are we not marching on them or boycotting their products demanding they start hiring and that those corporations that pollute the air and poison the environment that kills our children start implementing change before it is too late, and which will have an added benefit of creating and growing new and booming avenues of business.

Why are we not marching on Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, McDonnell, Bachmann, Angle, and the rest of the Republicans and Tea Partiers who are either in the pockets of corporations or are too STUPID to be aware that they are corporate puppets having their strings jerked by big business with an agenda that will only increase their coffers and the wealth of their children while the majority of Americans live pay check to pay check, if they are lucky, at risk of losing everything they have worked for. We act so impressed that Egypt and Tunisia have made history by implementing a coup because that is what it is a revolution a coup and I wonder why we are not doing the same.  Why are we not staging an economic coup on Corporations, we get taken for granted, many in America have lost hope that our children will live better than we do. We have faced one of the greatest economic down turn in American history brought about by greedy corporations who used unscrupulous practices yet have not been penalized for their actions. We have  continued high unemployment rates while they wealthy those corporate wives husbands and girlfriends get Botox and manicures we struggle to find ways to keep the roof over our heads and food on the plate for our children. While they look at various educational options for their children the best private school or perhaps one abroad we struggle to find ways to keep them fed in school since republicans want to cut those programs for needy kids or we try to put them in a district that will educate our kids so that they too can be competitive in this global society or we just try to get them into a better school where there will be ample books and desk and no violence or drugs waiting outside their classroom door. Corporate America practice nepotism (a white based nepotism) and the republican party are trying to cut the economic future of minority kids  by calling to cut programs that fund public schools while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest two percent, and across the American corporate and political landscape we have cronyism, all the elements that led to this historic moment in Egypt. So why is it that we sit and do nothing…when we are not any better off than many in Egypt?

Where is our insurrection, or are we as a nation just too fat, lazy and dispassionate any more. Happy to watch as the rest of the world stands  up and fight for what they should have… REFORM… A reform for better opportunities for themselves and their children or do we think we are deserving of less than others around the world.


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