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Is America Soon to Suffer the Same Fate of Egypt by: V. Lyn

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The conditions in Egypt that lead to the current revolution seem similar to what is happening in America today. Some of the  stated causes for this revolution by its citizens are that this predominately young society, 2/3 of Egypt’s people are under the age of 30, feel oppressed and disadvantaged, most of these people are poor and have little  hope that their children will have a better life than themselves. Egypt is suffering from high unemployment and a huge gap between the  haves and the have nots. In Egypt as in America there is a small percentage of those who have unbelievable wealth and the masses who are struggling.  Anger, resentment and hostility is rampant in that region which is again very similar to the feelings that many Americans who are are struggling to survive, to maintain a home, put food on the table, find a job and provide a decent education for their children.  Government corruption is the underlying reason for this revolution in Egypt exacerbated by the growing economic disparity between the rich and the vast number of poor and middle class, a middle class , because of the rising cost of survival is quickly being redefined as lower middle class.

Most of our anger is directed at Corporations and Banks who are amassing great wealth while raising prices on the goods they sell,  for not creating jobs as they sit upon trillions of dollars in profit, and still taking our stimulus dollars, for denying loans that could help stimulate our economy, and the Republican Party who in cahoots with those corporations  are working to create legislature  to benefit those wealthy 2% to create a greater monetary and educational divide. The Republican and Tea Party pressured the Obama Administration in to extending Bush’s tax code for the wealthy, which only served to further the wealth of the rich, while demanding them to cut programs that are set up to help our most needy, the old, children, and the poor.  And more of our middle class are finding that the American dream they had worked so hard for is vanishing and they themselves may be joining the ranks of the poor.  We seem to have become a compliant society, walking about like sheep, fearful of taking to the streets like we did in the past; Slavery, Woman Suffrage Movement, Jim Crow, Segregation, Vietnam War, and the Civil rights Movement. The question all Americans should ask is are the current conditions so different between what the Egyptian people are feeling? Are the  American people being pushed to the verge like Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, London, France and elsewhere around the world to take to the streets? And if  so WHEN? Perhaps this should be a cautionary tale for those on Wall Street, the banking industry, large corporations and those Congressional  Republicans and Tea Party members who are sitting in their lavish offices counting their money from corporate lobbyist,  thinking “Let them eat Cake”

Instead of John McCain saying “This should serve as a wake up call to Egypt.” this should serve as a wake up call to those in his party and who they pander to… that small group of super rich, the élite men and women who sit behind corporate walls distanced from the masses, perhaps they and the U.S. political parties should say who’s next and look in the proverbial mirror! Because a populace uprising may very well be coming to an American street corner near you.

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