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Sexy Hair by V.Lyn


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Photos from Essence.com and Stylebistro.com

Contrary to the opinion held by many, surprisingly even some Blacks, especially tsk tsk tsk- our men… Black women hair can grow long.  Black hair is not bad hair and Black hair despite the fact that is coarser is NOT STRONGER.  When Black hair is in its natural state because it is curly it often appears far shorter than what it really is. When it is straightened the hair appears several inches longer.  Our hair does grown and as I said beneath that curly hair pattern when straightened it sometimes falls to the middle of our backs, but even if it did not grow long short hair is fierce and sexy and like the fro represents a womans confidence and strength, and in my opinion says that she does not need society to tell her what is the essence of femininity because she defines it for herself. However for those women who would prefer to have long hair sometimes it is not genetics but what we do to our hair; because most products were once formulated without us in mind, the products were not ideal for our hair and the use of relaxers and hot combs wreaked havoc on our tender roots. Now I am not against relaxers even thought I know what they are made of and have seen all the images, I say do what you need to do to feel your best, but please no chemicals on our little girls heads! Try rolling their hair and setting them under a dryer with a good book in hand as it does take a while for our hair to dry and remember not to hot as we are not trying to cook our kids,  and then if necessary apply light heat from a flat-iron to loosen curls and that is EXCELLENT advice for us adults as well. The myth that our hair is strong is unfortunately not true, our hair tends to be far more fragile than straight hair so it needs tender loving care. So here are a few hair tips to get you started:

1) Do not use drying shampoo products on your hair like Suave or Pert. I am in love with Fekkai shampoo, and my past love was Aveda products the Brilliant line, and as i am fickle I am sure we will be sharing a shower once again in the future.

2) Condition your hair, and every other week use a deep condition. If you want a straight hair style, I love …love …love  Fredrick Fekkai shampoo, conditioner and glossing cream. It makes hair easy to flat-iron and smooth without too much stress on the hair and hair still retains movement and swing.

3) If you prefer to keep your hair natural after shampooing towel dry by wrapping your air and squeezing the moisture from it. Ladies do not rub the towel through your hair, pat and squeeze and that is a good tip for all black hair.

4) Use a wide tooth come  so not to break that oh so fragile hair follicles.

5) Use a satin pillow case or attractive head cover so that your delicate hair is not torn and frayed at night.

Come morning whatever your style, whether it is long, short, curly, fro or dreads, work it with confidence as sexy hair women can only do!


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