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Woe is Me, Sarah Palin & the Pity Party



(EXAMPLE OF PALIN HYPOCRACY)When Sarah Palin, a former Republican governor of Alaska, found her image defaced on the Internet, or when her daughter was used in a joke by David Letterman,there was an outcry across the GOP


It is absolutely amazing that the Republican party and so many politico pundits are quick to exonerate Sarah Palin concerning the hate mongering that she has consistently engaged in and encouraged throughout her run for VP and then later during Presidents Obama’s presidency. From her first interview with Katie Couric any time she has stuck her foot in her mouth she has whined that her stupidity is not her fault but a great conspiracy perpetrated by the media…”Boo hooo they are out to get me”…give me a break! She has chided male candidates to pull up their man pants all while she cries and whines about like a two legged bitch tail tucked between her legs telling everyone she is misunderstood. Mama Grizzly man the f..k up! Stand behind your words and stop pretending you are anything else than what you are a racist hungry lipstick wearing pig.

Palin is a manipulative user, using the “lame media” (Palin’s term) to get her message across when it serves her, hiding from them and telling her base that she can’t get fair treatment when she has screwed up…again!  Initially she used the media to further her agenda until her handlers realized that she was too stupid to be interviewed by a neutral news station on any substantive issue and instead made sure that she was put in front of those like minded Fox sycophants …But that never once stopped her for demonizing and denigrating the then candidate Obama and now President Obama. At every opportunity she pandered to the hate and racism of the predominately white Republican and Tea Baggers, and when called on it ever so innocently pretended well “Shucks ya’ll I didn’t mean it that way” Well black folks are used to that sly hypocrisy that many conservative and closet racist bandy about…Racism is so much more subtle and cloaked in this world of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS but just because it is not en vogue to say it aloud does not mean that people do not think it nor does it mean that they haven’t become more sophisticated in their use of it.

When Sarah Palin said Barack Hussain Obama to a predominately white republican and Tea bagger audience with a few jiggaboo and token negroes scattered about in the mist…they are a whole different type of slave negro and a whole other conversation… she knew quite well the anger, fear and festering hate they had for blacks, fear of Muslims and fear of the status quo changing. She KNEW the anger she was inflaming, the hate that she had tapped into and nurtured among her constituency, and she used it like a strategist in order to gain votes but not for the good of the country but for the good of her self. She did not try to lift the country but instead wanted the country to wallow in their more base instincts…hate and fear…Blacks know this tactic very well as we have endured it in this country for over four hundred years. Racism is pervasive in this country it is in evident in the judicial system, in the education system, in the unemployment rates where black men are at 49% unemployment rate. The inequity and century old systematic and institutional racism is glaring for anyone who truly wants to see. But America has always had a blind eye for it’s own ugliness and ills…Sarah Palin now being a part of a larger organism of hate, the Conservative party in this country, is just another example of it. The attacks against candidate and now President Obama has risen to a level probably not seen since antebellum south. It is personal against him a warning to all blacks don’t step over the line, keep in your proper place and we can all get along. They have taken every opportunity to paint him as Hitler, Stalin, a socialist, a terrorist, a terrorist palling around with Osama Bin Laden, an African with a bone in his nose adorned with head dress, or a black man speaking Ebonics. At every turn the Republican Party, tea baggers and Sarah Palin have made every attempt to make him seem foreign, different, and what they fear the most… a black man getting to uppity, stepping out of his proper place, CHANGE in what has been for centuries the recognized power structure. For her to say the things that she has said, to associate bullets and guns with the first black President is inviting trouble in a country that not long ago enslaved a race of people based purely on the color of their skin for their own economic benefit, that lynched blacks both male and females into the late fifties, that jailed blacks for speaking out of turn to whites, where the merest infraction such as vagrancy could see a black man or women swept up into chain gangs across  America where they were leased out to companies effectively sold into slavery by states after slavery had been abolished until the 1950’s which was the newest form of government sanctioned slavery. To say words like guns all while you have made the first black candidate and his wife seem foreign and radical was inviting a crazy to do something dangerous to pretend ignorance and the old gee shucks that is not what I meant just doesn’t hunt. It would be tantamount to me saying “Hey all you black men and women we need to be prepared and ready to move on those Republicans and Tea Baggers, and especially the likes of Sarah Palin. Keep your sights on her; stay locked and loaded because she and her ilk are trying to enslave us once again.” Now am I implying that I want something bad to happen to her, or others within the republican and tea party..am I inciting some unstable person to do something to her. Well borrowing Sarah’s words “Aw shucks I will not have my freedom of speech stifled and I am in no way implying or could imagine that any such horrific thing such as an assassination would be acted out by some deranged person.” Now you judge my sincerity.


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