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Sarah Palin and Conservative Hypocrisy by. V. Drayton

The tragic shooting by a young mentally unstable man has resonated across America. Horrifically lives have been lost, 6 in total, which includes the life of a young 9 year old girl who had the world before her. Lives have been tragically altered for those who were the victim of the shooting, those who witnessed it or were involved in the mêlée that occurred as well as for the family of the shooter and the shooter himself their lives will never be the same. That day which had begun for most so innocently and with hopeful promise and ideal was instead one of despair and promises lost.
That day held up many of the gaps that are in our society. First and foremost that of those who suffer with mental illness the stigma society has placed upon it and which may inhibit the sufferer or their family from seeking out much-needed help. Sometimes their loved ones who are for many reasons incapable or unwilling to take action, the people who come in contact with them on a frequent basis, and then those who turn a blind eye to them preferring not to get involved or not knowing how. And when they do seek out the help needed funding is not there or little can be done by them until a violent act occurs. The proverbial catch twenty-two…

That Saturday in Arizona held up the gaps that exist in our gun control laws and the power that the NRA. and their lobbyist assert, and big corporations such as Wal-Mart who sell magazines that contain 30 loads of ammo without regard to the wellbeing of society at large. Whether you believe everyone has the basic right to bear arms as our forefathers penned in the constitution I would think most agree that those wise forefathers had not envisioned semi-automatic weapons with magazines that carried 30 rounds a clip, nor if they could I do not believe that they would be able to fathom their use other than on the field of combat. I do not think that they would have thought a bunch of predominately white men scratching their nuts as they lift their britches up a little high on their waist while pushing back their caps, spitting onto the ground with a loud guffaw and a slap of their knee implied manliness especially when one considers that these men are shooting at nothing that shoots back at them and threatens their lives. I do not think that they imagined the countless young black and Hispanic men who ride creeping slow in Tahoe’s, Hummers or Low Riders no longer just in the dark of night but in broad daylight taking the life of a rival gang member or that of someone who did them wrong or the innocent victim needed as an initiation rite or the stray bullet that finds its way through flesh and bone and gristle to take the life of the far too young, infants just on the edge of life’s wonders or the old who cling tenaciously to the doorway hoping to see many more days to come. I do not think the founding fathers visualized the day that the society that they had endeavored to see come to fruition would have its political parties use hidden meaning to imply dangerous actions under the guise of innocuous jargon, and at first pretend that “We’ll gosh darn that’s not what I meant at all. That was a surveyor’s symbol!” and then indignantly imply that words are harmless and have no power. Yet these same conservatives will lash out at the jargon in Rap music, Heavy Metal and some Rock music somehow these lyrics have power that the words that politicians spend thousands of dollars to have specially crafted for them. Based on this NEW supposition put forth by Sarah Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and others, perhaps advertisers should not spend the millions of dollars that they spend for 45 second air time to get their message across.
Words are powerful they have the ability to stir a nation, galvanize it’s citizenry, to ignite and inflame the populace to great heights and to the most despicable of acts. Words can make us rise up in glory like those words spoken by Abraham Lincoln, David Walker, Fredrick Douglas, JFK, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King or the words like those of Hitler, Stalin and the men who incited and fed the violence in the Rwandan genocide. Words are powerful and coupled with imagery they are magical, and for those people who suffer with a downward spiral into madness it can be the thing they latch onto no matter how innocently spoken. Which only means that for those who are in the position to be heard by millions need to be ever mindful of what they say and how it can be misconstrued. I don’t think Palin in any way intended for this to happen or even is at fault for what this obviously sick young man did but the fact is that the next incident could very well be laid at her feet or any one of those men and women who want to scratch their groins will hefting their britches…when fearful republicans and tea partiers typically white people attend political rallies with guns on their hip and signs that say take back America with pictures of the president and the first lady it stirs memories of slavery and Jim crow and lynching in the minds of blacks…this is an intend effect…although in the conservative hypocrisy, that we blacks are so so familiar with, they say that is not what I meant at all. Yeah right!

There are a lot of angry people out there who are stressed and on the edge…they are people who are frustrated over losing their jobs, their savings and their homes. They feel helpless as they see everything they worked for unfolding, or for many blacks and Hispanics the opportunities that has never come to fruition now seems even farther away. This is not even to mention those who have a mental illness, anyone of these people could be compelled or spurred on to act based on an easily thrown about word or image by someone they view in authority. The hypocrisy that is so evident in her words and action is that she again espouses the poor me verbiage that is so customary from her. She is saying that her words have no meaning but the words spoken by others do. Her words are an insult to the victims in Arizona and to the American people. Sarah Palin should have simply said I am sorry for the imagery and the words I used although they had no role in the Arizona shooting they also have no place in the field of politics.


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