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Never too Young! by: V.Lyn

Your skin is your bodies largest organ and to keep it supple, youthful & healthy it requires tender care. Pulling, stretching, the sun, lack of sleep and harsh cleansers are all things that can do it damage, with time being the biggest culprit. While we can’t stem the passage of time..we can do our best to minimize the rest of the damage causing culprits.

Okay this is a no brainer, but wash your face with a gentle cleanser…soap and water is great for many of us, but a good product with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help clean out pores and help fight acne and yes adults do get acne. While both can help you shed old skin working as a peeling agent just keep in mind that both can cause dryness. I recently tried Biore Blemish Fighting Ice cleanser and L.O.V.E.D. it. It is a cool refreshing sensation that lathers gently and washes off without leaving a dry residuey feeling to it (yes I know residuey isn’t a real word but YOU know what I mean).

Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

Next moisturize women and again this applies to you ashy fellas who’ll talk about us women like a dog and never notice how ashy your own derrière is! There are great moisturizer on the market but the one I am using is an Olay product. I tend to change my moisturizer for summer and winter as my skins needs tend to change.

 A lightweight daily moisturizer that offers 7 anti aging skin benefits plus the cooling sensation of mint extract for invigorating freshness

Olay Regenerist Serum firms my skin and makes my fine lines look less noticeable, not that they were ever noticeable (I say as I peer in the mirror slathering on more moisturizer)…but in case…

Hydrate for brighter, more radiant skin that appears firmer after just 5 days

Don’t tug on your skin especially the skin about your eyes, drink Plenty of Water to stay hydrated    and for the environments good use a reuseable bottle ladies and gentlemen!!!

  Wear sunscreen and yes black folks we need to wear it too. While us browner skin folks and those wonderful chocolate hued ones among us may have a natural built-in SPF of 50 don’t fool yourself, we still should wear a nice sunscreen of 50 and above. While many were created with lighter hued folks in mind and therefore in the past made our skin appear gray or ashy, technology and the beauty industry has gotten far better. The beauty industry understanding that they had an untapped market, who were willing and able to spend money started to create skin care lines better suited for us folks. So slather on the sunscreen girls and keep our beautiful skin unlined and unblemished and more importantly diminish our chance for skin cancer. Lets keep that Black Don’t Crack legacy going!  I love Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Sunscreen it doesn’t leave me looking ashen and absorbs well into my skin. However again this is for the ladies AND men whatever sunscreen you use remember apply 20 minutes before leaving the house and reapply.

Hair color for 2011 at least ALL the top fashion mags say will be oh ever so naturale’ …and that’s a good thing for us women over a certain age who still feel vibrant, youthful, sexy and have been known to drop it like it’s hot every now and again. While trendy colors look playful and youthful on the young it just serves to say about us more mature women that we are trying a tad to hard…And I for one think I have it going on and know I don’t have to try to hard, and neither should you. The best color is the color you were born with and when in doubt well you KNOW where to look to find it! A shade lighter is also a very complementary hue, a few well place highlights and lowlights can open up and brighten a face shaving years off. I like Loreal but there are loads of over the counter products for the BUDGET conscious do- it- yourselfer

                    LOreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color, 41 Crushed Garnet - 1 EaExcellence Hair Color Intense Deep Burgundy, 4RR - 1 ea (3 Pack)Preference Hair Color Dark Ash Brown #4Aand available in virtually any color your heart desires. And for the younger women in the house au naturale’ will be hot for you as well.

The Eyes have It!

 L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes will make your eyes open up, your lashes look fuller and longer all while conditioning your lashes with glycerin, panthenol, and jojoba oil and at a very affordable price of $7.00 -$8.99

L'Orealpd-detailMain-2222035 adds volume, doesn’t clump, fans and separates lashes and gives great lengthy for a sexy awake look. 

Get a good tweezers and if you don’t know how to shape your brow go to a salon and have them done properly, and then keep them clean with a daily tweeze of new growth. JUST DON’T OVER PLUCK, don’t go for that single hair thing some women have going on then etch on a brow with a to dark pencil. Brows open a face like a beautiful frame about a magnificent picture, but it can also be a distraction. So see a pro and then keep it up.

A Good foundation is the best building Block

Bare Essential comes in every shade of brown, is that a lyric to a song? I have used it for several years and have one for the summer months when I get waaayyyy to much sun despite the 70SPF I use, and I have one for the fall/winter month, and at $25.00 I can handle that price of a bit of beauty.                                    bareMinerals Delish Lip Palette

Am I Blushing?

Yes I am and with the help of some great blushes applied strategically too! The beauty of people of color is that we COME IN ALL COLORS! And that can sometimes make finding the right blush a daunting task, but persevere ladies as there are more shades of blush out there then there are men who think they are GODs gift to women! When applying blush especially for us slightly YES I said slightly older women apply high on the cheek bone, applying to low looks especially dated on us women, and narrows our face which in many cases is already narrowing.  

supernatural mineral blush duo

Great brands for us women of color…and there are many believe me…I have invested more than my accountant, okay my check book, can tolerate, in the eternal pursuit to look not necessarily younger…OK I’ll take 5 years younger, but really to look  like a better me. Rested and content, bright and optimistic, sun-kissed and yes a goddamn NUBIAN GODDESS!!! Okay I am getting a tad off track but you know what I mean, yes women and men, desirable.

Apply moisturizer, sunscreen, a primer to keep foundation in place, then apply foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Use a bronzer like Casino from Nars for olived skin or darker along the forehead, cheeks, and jawline you will look healthy and refreshed and when you apply your blush the color will pop. Nars, Philosophy as well as Bobbi Brown have  great product line for women of color. Then apply a blush, peach this gives you a warm color, a berry colored will make your skin look blushed. But experiment, and remember as we get older apply blush higher on the cheek bone. Try products from Nars,  Mac, Bare Minerals, Philosophy, Iman and Cover Girl and these are just the tip of the iceberg for companies that make a beauty line for women and MEN of color. Men you can exfoliate too you know, open those clogged hair follicles around your neck, hair-line and back hair. And I am not saying that you need to look  metro sexual, GQ or anyone other  than yourself. Whatever your thing is … just be well-groomed and keep your swagger going.

Mac Tinted Moisturizer light weight and sheer coverage

Mac divine illumination love at first light

Sleep is critical because that is the time that your skin rejuvenates its self. Unfortunately 8 hours of sleep is what we require and lost sleep well is LOST… So party hardy, have fun, smile a lot, keep hydrated, moisturizer wash your face before going to bed to remove old makeup, slather on sunscreen we get skin cancer too.  EAT RIGHT, foods have helpful antioxidants in them pink grapefruit is great for repairing sun damaged skin. Red Apples for wrinkles, avocados have niacin in them which soothes red inflamed skin, mangos are great to eat as well as they help to eliminate dry itchy skin, cherries helps  protect you against some cancers and helps your fight against dandruff and these are just the tip of the fruits and vegetables that offer benefits to your skin, and your over all health and should be included in any healthy diet.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…and the ONLY opinion that should ultimately matter to you is your own. That is unless you are sporting a uni-brow, or are over 20 and wearing those light up as you walk heels, or over …well you get my meaning… whatever you rock, rock it well! Some of the sexiest people I have ever seen, all were sexy because of their intelligence, confidence and kindness to others. So do your thing guys and gals, just not with a uni-brow okay.


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