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Yo Gusto Puerto Rico! by: V.Lyn

Aeriel view of Old San Juan with the Luquillo ...
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While Puerto Rico is a modern multi-cultural island it breathes history with every step you take. The people are friendly and inviting, the food is flavorful, but never fear there is a Mc Donalds around the corner. And with great shopping, fabulous clubs, top rated Resorts & Casinos, Old World Hotels like the El Convento (a former convent that was converted into a hotel) and  over 300 miles of beautiful beaches, with waves large enough to entice the most experienced of surfers. There are tropical rain forest as well as a dry forest where cacti abound; and with a cave system millions of years old there is without a doubt something for everyone. 

Experience old world charm at the "El Convento"

Puerto Rico is the ideal place for play or relaxation, and as for a wedding and/or honeymoon there are few places that can compete. With the average year round temperature being 83degrees, you sure can’t beat that. Puerto Rico is the ideal place to discover romance!

 Old San Juan  is a place of romantic fantasy, both  intoxicating and exciting.



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