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Corporations, the Buying of America and the Chaos Theory by: V.Lyn

But unfortunately Racism and classism is alive an d well in America, we are not post racism we are milliseconds from pre civil rights.

Corporations earned in the first 3/4 of 2010 1.66 TRILLION…..No folks that is not a typo….. 1.66 TRILLION dollars in profits! What they DID NOT do is INVEST IN AMERICA, and with all their bulls*it excuses about “being unsure about Americas economy” a euphemism for “WE WANT OUR TAX BREAKS TO CONTINUE” or “we will sit on our hands and create kaka” they give please remember how businesses have always made money was by investing back in to their business in order to grow their businesses. What corporations found is that they can DOWNSIZE the American work force, have the employees they retain work less hours so they can then deny them certain benefits because they are now NOT meeting the minimum hourly requirements set by insurance etc. They now have the employees take on additional task ( that their fired, laid off, terminated, will you kindly step down, resign) colleagues are no longer there to do) and which was not covered in their job description nor is it what they had originally signed on for when they signed that little thing called a pay plan! Some scared and overburdened PEOPLE because employees sounds too cold and like they are owned, and we black folks know about the cruelty of being owned, have agreed with a smile on their face to work well beyond an 8 hours day logging in a 50-60 hour week without compensation after all to say no can very well mean joining the ranks of the unemployed. Can we say drones!  For all those who “hate” the union if you are in this position probably wish you were  in one now ditch’!


Banks are not investing giving loans to otherwise worthy small businesses tightening the screws NOW…and make no mistake GREED is what got them there…loan writers KNEW they were giving out loans to unqualified applicants often with BOGUS and FRAUDALENT documents they themselves created or tactfully implied if ” only you can provide this then will happen!” Now suddenly just when the tax plan that keeps millions in their coffers banks and corporations who are both in business to make money and who have TRILLIONS just lying about have suddenly gotten squeamish…Or as the President said decided to hold the AMERICAN PEOPLE HOSTAGE against a President that had campaigned to let the BUSH tax plan expire for the WEALTHIEST one percent of America…and stupid REPUBS and TEA BAGGERS said at the polling both yeah we want those rich 2%  that care for my poor or middle class self  to keep their money, after all they will create jobs. UMMMMMM if they cared about AMERICA and not their best interest they would have started hiring long ago, they have 1.66 TRILLION dollars in the 3/4 to do it after all. But what they would not have had would be leverage to push the President to capitulate.

Corporations and UNDISCLOSED sources bought the midterm election with campaign funds of unlimited amounts from undisclosed sources and whose where about did not have to be disclosed…that was a bright idea! Sooooo Joe Corporation could say I want to give $10,000,000.00 to “he who will forever be in my pocket politician” to make sure legislature will either pass or expire because after all he knows we are on his side, (wink wink) quid pro quo.  Now the poor Joe in the projects, or trailer park, or on the farm or in the suburbs says ” Honey let’s donate $50.00 to “he who will be on our side” after all he cares us and knows our concerns. “Well honey,” Mr. Joe’s wife responds” let’s send $10.00 because we need gas to get to work.”  You feel me here!

Corporations bought the election with their dollars and watched their minions that’s you folks who pulled that republican ballot, because you hate socialism you know that fire house down the street,  that cop you call when a “scary” 80 year old black person gets to close, or the public school your kid goes to because… well you NOT one of the 2% , or the road you drive on… you remember that one you used to travel back and forth on 2times a day 5days a week when YOU had a job… or that unemployment that you hate giving to those poor folks that you now need, similar to that Alaskan wanna be Palinite Congressional crying like a bytch Miller because Lisa Murkowski…. well what’s her name, kicked his butt despite being a write in, you know the Alaskan candidate Miller who campaigned against social services LIKE UNEMPLOYMENT and whose wife received unemployment checks, that is like you know dinero, yen, gap, dough, pesos, MONEY, DOLLARS… even though she was FIRED BY THE COMPANY HE OWNED … Now that sounds like a scam if I ever heard of one, and you know, at least some of you white folks THINK (mostly repubs and tea baggers) we black folks KNOW all about scams…well I smell one drifting down from the pristine land of Alaska.  Oh yeah and you hate regulations the ones that keep you safe from well let’s say that plane that you are flying on from just plummeting to the ground, or the food your infant eats safe from salmonella poisoning, or despite the STUPIDITY of SARAH will she please shut her trap PALIN’s assertions that we don’t need regulations on school lunches after all we aren’t as a nation fat and unhealthy enough.

But I digress, so the corporations now that they think they are going to get what they want because they held a gun by the way of the jobless, or borderline Americans who are just making it or sometimes starving Americans, now that guys in case you weren’t suuuuurrrre would be millions of us. Realizing that the Republican party whose allegiance is to corporations would actually allow the American people’s situation to worsen and the economy to collapse and S.T.A.R.T. treaty not be ratified because they needed to mull it over while the  terrorist  they are so fearful of you know us Muslims/ black people/ Muslim black could he be the oh say it ain’t so gasp the crowd President riggggghtttt Sarah could she be Hitler’s great grand progeny after all she is …gasp heard from the crowd…whhhhhiiiiiteeee and shots poor innocent living things who are unnnaaarrrmmmmeddd…deer’s and bears and things…and the crowd gasps again. And while the S.T.A.R.T. treaty goes unratified there is terrorist could potentially get their hands on unmonitored nuclear weapons if the wealthiest 2% do not get the continuation of tax breaks devised under GEORGE BUSH the hostage takers demand. (Hmmm I wonder if they wrote a letter for their demands with cut out letters from old newspapers) Hey that 2percenters need all that extra money after all you can never have enough mansions and private jets…oh yes and please do something about that inheritance tax after all their descendants should have 1billion dollars cause a mere let’s say 750 million hardly goes anywhere now a days…well perhaps they should think about the how far that 360 a week. unemployment check goes when you have to pay a mortgage, pay rent, buy food, pay your car payment, gas or basic transportation while you look for that job, keep your lights on, pay your heating bills, water bills…..go to the doctor ’cause little Joe got hit on his head by a falling piece of unregulated airplanes, “Oww that looks painful… um what are you doing? Calling an ambulance oh sorry no can do social service remember and we know how much you abhor socialism…Nope nope can’t let you! You must stand on principle…but no buts…hey do you smell smoke…Oh god can you believe it what dumb luck that piece of metal from the plane that hit lil Joey…boy his eyes look really glazed. Anyway that piece of metal bounced into the beautiful sage around you house…is that texas sage? Well any who it appears to have set you house on fire…Now what are you doing? Oh no no contraire’ I thinks that’s French hey I went to public school…and way the fire department is a social service. Nope nope no can do PRINCIPLES PRINCIPLES! Now, now, don’t cry and aren’t you glad that the conservative members of congress are trying to make sure that there are no frivolous law suits anymore. Wow I bet that corporation that owns that plane is glad. Hey is that Palin, McCain what a joke he is who woulda thunk, and minority leader McConnell doesn’t he look like he ate something fishy and I ain’t talkin’ about something from the sea either, you get me ( wink wink), waving from the plane looks like they are laughing hysterically too. Hey look at that looks like the tan guy is running after the plane jeez those repubs are a hoot. Now what are you doing? Calling the police why? Ah come on don’t call the police to file a complaint they won’t respond remember no social service for you after all.”

So now that corporations effectively own America I wonder when they will go global… oh you mean they already have!

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell Doubtful About DADT Repeal: Video


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