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Climate Change Along Party & Racial Lines by: V. Lyn

MSNBC link- to an article on Global Warming
Last decade warmest on record, review finds – U.S. news – Environment – Climate Change – msnbc.com.

Americans belief of Global Warming falls along Political and Racial lines by: V.Lyn

Statistics on Climate Change

Nearly half of Americans – 48% – now believe the threat of global warming has been exaggerated, the highest level since polling began 13 years ago, the poll published March 11 th by Gallup said.

The last two years have marked a general reversal in the trend of Americans’ attitudes about global warming,” Gallup said. “It may be that the continuing doubts about global warming put forth by conservatives and others are having an effect.”

54% of African Americans believe that Global Warming is a major concern from a study conducted by the Commission to Engage African Americans on Climate Change. Here are some additional finding

According  to the survey, more than three quarters of African Americans would back federal policy action on climate change.

According to a study conducted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, that survey found that a majority of African Americans (54 percent) characterize global warming as a major problem, with another 24 percent thinking it a moderate problem, while 81 percent believe that the federal government should take strong action to deal with global warming. The poll also found strong support (72 percent) among African Americans for legislative action that would mandate the U.S. to begin achieving the goals of the Kyoto treaty on climate change.

The Nature Conservancy has stated that over 3 billion people around the world who live in poverty will be hardest hit by the climate change as they are more dependent on natural resources. Disproportionately Blacks in America will suffer worse from climate change as we tend to live in inner cities said Ralph Everett, the co-chair of the Commission to Engage African-Americans on Climate Change said. However since 78% of Blacks feel that the concerns of Global warming are real and that we are more likely to suffer from the destructive effects we are willing to pay to combat it, a commission aimed at raising awareness about global warming said after a 2007 study.”There is a fierce urgency regarding climate change effects on the African-American community,” said Ralph Everett, the co-chair of the Commission to Engage African-Americans on Climate Change said. “People need to understand what is at stake — our very health and well-being.”Blacks are more than twice as likely as whites to live in cities where the so-called heat island effect is expected to make temperature increases more severe, the newly formed group said at a briefing.More blacks also will be “fuel poor” as energy demand rises due to higher air-conditioning loads, population growth and urbanization, commission said.

Overall, 73 percent of Americans believe that global warming is happening. But when you look at this finding by political party affiliation, only one-half (54 percent) of Republicans believe it is happening, versus 90 percent of Democrats.

EcoAmerica 2010 report indicates that over the past two years the number of those Americans who believe in Global Warming if falling . As shown in an excerpt  from their 2010 report: 

Climate & Environmental Attitudes in America: 2010


some summary results from three recent major polls


According to every major survey on the topic over the past couple of years, “Million of Americans have
changed their minds about global warming over the past two years – deciding it isn’t happening, or isn’t due to

human activities such as burning coal and oil, or that it isn’t a serious threat.” In the face of all the facts and all

our efforts, how could that be?

 The report also shows that since 2008 -2010 the number who know longer believe that global warming is happening has doubled. Only 11 percent of Republicans believe that Global warming is a major concern.

52% of Americans believe that scientist do not believe that Global warming is happening.

While the statistics show that there has been a decline across the board that Global warming is occurring the statistics show the percentage  of republicans not believing in the science far out way any other group and they have made it a partisan issue.  Instead spinning and maintain a part line  that there is no harm being done to the environment and IF there is it is the natural cycle and the earth will take care of itself.

Changes that we can expect and have already seen per The Nature Conservancy, to the Tearfund study, the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

 During the 20th century the earths average temperature rose by 1 degree farenheit this is the highest level in 4 centuries and believed that it has grown faster than it has in 1000 years.

It is estimated that if we do not reduce our carbon imprint by centuries end it could be 3-12 degrees farenheit higher.

Our seas will experience thermal expansion because of the warming seas and the water will rise and with the warming waters glaciers will melt causing them to rise further.

Measurements of sea levels indicate “that sea levels have risen between four and eight inches in the past 100 years. Current projections suggest that sea levels could continue to rise between 4 inches and 36 inches over the next 100 years. A 36-inch increase in sea levels would swamp every city on the East Coast of the United States, from Miami to Boston.” concluded The Nature Conservancy. Rising sea levels will cause 10s of million of displaced people to seek out new shelter.

An increase of diseases due to migration of insects due to the warming of the north.

There will be more frequent and stronger storms




http://www.eia.doe.gov/oiaf/kyoto/pdf/sroiaf9803.pdf 2010 Kyoto Protocal


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